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Noro Sock and Other Goodies

Posted on: April 7, 2008

Squee! I had a great purchasing weekend to make up for my disappointing knitting week last week.

On Saturday morning, I ventured off to Craftspun Yarns in search of a ball winder and swift. I had heard rumours that such existed there, the only Irish place I could find that had any.
After about an hours drive I eventually found the place. (It’s in a very rural location) But, to my joy, they had a ball winder and swift! And for just €35 each! That’s great value IMO.

Have a look:

I also couldn’t help myself and snapped up two skeins of Donegal tweed for just €6 each. It’s 100% handspun Irish wool, so I will try and felt something with these. Maybe a small bag??

Then yesterday I could resist no longer and hit my not so LYS and gave in to the Noro Sock yarn. I don’t know why I was so mad for this, I’ve never used Noro yarn before, but I just had to have some! So, while I was there I bought 2. Onr for me and one for my daughter. It’s good value as sock yarn goes, €14.50 for 420m. That’s not bad!

My Tangled Yoke is not going well. I ripped back (sob!), re-did the set-up row, all was grand. Did Row 1 of the chart, knitting 4 sts before the chart began, using stitich markers to separate each pattern repeat, moving the markers as I went along, knitting 4 sts at the end and i still had 6 stitches left over AARGH! So, I will try once more. I will not let this beat me! But, equally I will never knit this again, there’s just too many stitches to keep track of. Still, it’s all part of the learning experience.

My niece was christened on Saturday, and much to my joy, they used my Trees Breeze afghan as the christening blanket! I was so proud!

I’m almost finished Sugar Maple sock No 1, and will try and rush through No 2 so i can properly try two at a time now I have my super dooper ball winder and swift!

P.S. I hope these pictures show up ok. I’m blogging from work (I know, me bad) and they block Flickr here (grrr) so I can’t see the pics, just clear squares where they should be.


1 Response to "Noro Sock and Other Goodies"

Well, I’m reading your blog from work 🙂 the pictures do show. That sock yarn is gorgeous!

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