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Slow but Steady

Posted on: June 4, 2008

Dad had his cataract op yesterday, and all went well thank God. He’s relieved it was over! I think I may have a bit of trouble getting him back in there for the second one, he said it was awful getting it done. I can imagine! He’s good though, just a bit uncomfortable. I really admire him, he’s such a strong man. I must get him something special for Fathers Day on June 15.

Hubby is on his way back from his work conference, sans any yarn 😦 oh well, you can’t win them all.

Progress on the medallion top is slow but steady:

I’m about half way through the back. It’s an interesting knit, but not one I can really do in the evenings. I have to really concentrate. It looks good though! The yarn (Debbie Bliss Prima, 80% Bamboo, 20% Merino) is ok. It feels lovely and soft, but it’s very splitty. This is the second big project I’ve made using her yarns, and I’m not that enamoured with them. I think they’re very expensive, yardage per ball is poor and the splitting of this one and the pilling of the Cashmerino Aran is a bit much. I doubt I will purchase any more unless I’m stuck.

The Belle Époque socks are coming along, almost finished. I’ve turned the heel and am working along the foot now. Once I get these done, I’m on the lookout for some ankle socks I can make for my holidays to wear with sandals. Any ideas?

1 Response to "Slow but Steady"

The medallion pattern is really gorgeous. I do agree about DB yarn. I like the cashmerino or whatever it is for baby projects, but other than that, I rarely buy it.Glad your dad is doing well!

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