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WWKIP Madness

Posted on: June 15, 2008

Well, maybe not madness. The day yesterday was great, I met loads of knitters I had only known on Ravelry and had a lovey time working on my Noro Toe up sock while listening to a brass band. I enjoyed it so much that I wonder why I don’t just go and sit in the park more often.
It didn’t rain either, although it certainly thought about it, so that was a bonus!
And, I won a prize! A gift voucher for a yarn shop. I think it’s this one: Yarn. Even though it’s in Galway (the other side of the country) they do mail order so yay! If it is them I’m bagging me some Jitterbug!
Thanks to Aileen and This Is Knit for organising the get together and prizes.

Like I said earlier, there was a scavenger hunt organised by my LYS, This Is Knit.

Have a look here for the photos I got:

This is the link to the group if you want to see the other entries so far:

I had so much fun! I made a complete fool of myself running around the city and accosting politicians, bus inspectors, unsuspecting members of the public, bar staff etc. The one thing about the whole process is that no-one said no. I think that says a lot about people, that in this day and age when all we hear is how selfish people are becoming, not one person refused, and all but one did it whole heatedly with a smile on their face. The only one who didn’t was the barmaid because she was getting awful teasing from her colleagues and customers, but she still did it, so that means bonus points in my book, smile or not!
I have no idea if I’ll win anything from it, but to be honest, the taking part was so much fun that I don’t mind one bit.


4 Responses to "WWKIP Madness"

I’m sure you will win, your photos are just so great! I uploaded mine too, but they’ve not been approved yet…

Great job on the photos, Sinead, you put a lot of effort in! The gift certificate is definitely from Yarn. Lisa has it and will get in touch with you!

Oops, I lied, but you know that 🙂

Oh, that sounds like fun. I’m so glad everyone participated with you!

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