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Sunday morning blues

Posted on: August 31, 2008

I’m listening to some pretty psychedelic Eric Clapton suff as I type this, very Apocalypse now sort of music. Groovy man…

Look! my Druid Mittens progress, and I lurve them.

The chart is messy enough to follow, but clever ickle me sneaked into the photocopy room in work and blew it up onto an A3 page *snicker* much easier now with some post its to mark the spot.

Lace news:
Using the wonders of magic loop, here’s my progress so far on my Pi Shawl that’s going to be a tablecloth.
Before stretching:

After stretching:

I’m on the 144 stitch round. Still not enough to fit fully round my circs. Next increase should do it. See my ladders though? I was doing so well up until those. I guess that’s the problem with magic looping laceweight. I can’t pull any tighter for fear of snapping the yarn and there’s no way I can do this sucker on dpns so I figure it’ll have to be a “design element” or I’ll make a doily type thing to sit on top of it….

I’ve also cast on for a pair of socks for my daughter with my left over smooshy.
Crosshatch Socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks (ravelry links)
I’m on my third attempt at these. I measured her foot and cast on according to the directions. there was no way these were going to fit her, they would have barely fit a newborn, so I increased one pattern repeat and tried again. Nope. Increased again now to 48 stitches and it seems okay so far. I’ll try them on again in a bit and see. She’s the original big foot.

In other great news, one of the schools in my area has announced its Autumn evening courses. And Look! Loads of crafty things! I can’t believe it! Here’s the list of courses. They include knitting for beginners and improvers, sewing, patchwork/quilting, card making, beaded jewellery and crochet! I have been looking to learn crochet for a while now, and here comes a 10 week course!! woohoo! Only problem is it’s on Tuesday evenings, the same night as my beloved SnB. But, it is only for 10 weeks, so I think I should still do the course.

I’m thrilled to bits! Plus, there’s Asian/Indian cooking on Wednesday nights that hubby wants to do so yummy new dinners heading my way!!


5 Responses to "Sunday morning blues"

Your mitts and lace look lovely! And how neat that you get to take crafty classes.

Wow, your mitts look great! Too bad about the ladders, though. I’ve never worked magic loop, so I can’t offer much assistance, I’m afraid. As you say, at least after you take your class, you’ll be able to crochet a nice doily to cover them up! 🙂

Oh, looove the mittens! I’m not into pink colour but your knitting is stunning!And as for the magic looop. I always knit the last and the first stitch on each side of the “loop” tight. Blocking should help you a bit with the ladder. I hope…

Those Druid mitts look scary! You really are a brave knitter 🙂 Good luck with the ladder!

Your mitts looks so cute! I should make something like that in purple or red, I think.

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