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I am the knitting Queen

Posted on: December 21, 2008

Bow down before me, I am the Queen of Knitting. I rule. It’s official.
I proudly present Dylan Goes Electric:
Yarn: Cascade Sierra, 8 skeins
Needles: 4 & 4.5mm circular
Size: 50″ chest
Watch out Armani, it’s the next top model:

Dylan from the back modelled by lovely hubby. See the neck shaping?:

Dylan flat:
The neck shaping. Hubby needs a lot of shaping!:
I can’t believe I’ve finished! I am soo proud of myself for persevering and going ahead with the jumper in the round.
It fits hubby perfectly and he loves it!
To fix my saddle shoulder problems, I knit 10 rounds consuming body stitches, then switched and consumed the sleeve stitches until I had 20 left on each sleeve. Then I knit the saddles for 10 rows each side, did 20 rows on the back to eat up the saddle and add some extra rows for the back of the neck, then an inch and a half of ribbing for the neck.
I still have to weave in the underarms and block it, but couldn’t wait to show you it finished!
I can’t think of a nicer present to give to the one I love than a hand made gift.
Phew! Now I can relax and enjoy Christmas. I would have been furious with myself if I hadn’t finished it. Although, I never should have doubted my Queen of Knitting status, my crown hadn’t disappeared, just slipped out of place a little.
I don’t know if I’ll get to post before the big day, so Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope Santa brings lots of knitting goodness to you all!

4 Responses to "I am the knitting Queen"

All Hail! Wow, what a big job… you’ll have to calculate the approximate stitches! It would be billions! heheWhat’s next? A little, quick project? Ü

WOW!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you, Sinéad! You finished the jumper! And you knit it in the round! And you adapted a pattern! You are most DEFINITELY the knitting queen. Bravo!

Long live the queen! You are a knitting goddess! The sweater is perfect. Merry Christmas!

I’m SO glad all your hard work paid off! It looks great. Happy Christmas! You def deserve to put your feet up.

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