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Communion Photos

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Right, got the photos converted of the communion so here you are:

Alice’s Communion Cardigan:
I know I’m biased, but isn’t she just the cutest? I had forgotten to put her medal on at this stage. You can see it in the next photo. It was the medal I wore for my communion *cough* number of years ago…
My foxy clap on my not-so-foxy self:
The outfit was a total nightmare. I got it the day before the communion! Talk about my nerves! I know it doesn’t match the clap perfectly, but there were some raspberry tones in it that were almost perfect. Anyway, I didn’t care, I was thrilled to have two knitty items on show that day. I can guarantee that I was the only one and Alice was the only child wearing anything hand made!


5 Responses to "Communion Photos"

Too precious!

How lovely! The dress is beautiful and so is her handknit sweater. LOVE the Clapotis on you. What great memories.

I think both of you look great!And I got the VK today. Now need to send you some money for it. Thank you Sinead!!!

Oh Sinéad! Alice looked absolutely breathtaking! You must have been so proud!!! And you look pretty good yourself, you know 😉

I guess the clap is that knitted thing wrapped around your neck/shoulder. Bit hard to see exactly what it is but the colour is awesome!

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