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Plodding along

Posted on: August 10, 2009

Work progresses slowly but surely on the Liberty Bell Afghan. I’ve finished Chart 2, the Emblem chart. The pattern calls for the stars to be embroidered or duplicate stitched on at the end, I can’t remember which. Something I don’t know how to do anyay, so we’ll cross that bridge when (if) I come to it.

It’s turning out ok, not great, but ok. I suppose I was expecting too much from it, wanting it to be perfect. Intarsia is hard y’all!
I have to weave in all the ends from this chart, then do the next border before the Star chart. At least it’s only a big yellow star on a blue background, I hope to get through that one a bit quicker!
I’m on the heel flap of Alice’s Sunday Swing socks, nothing very exciting there. I’m not rushing them either, just breathing deeeply and knitting away on my lunchbreak. Every evening and weekends are devoted to the Afghan to get it done.
I have loads of patterns picked out to hopefully make for my friends impending girl, I must make a list and put them up here so I have to make them. If you blog it, it must be done, right?
It’s really dark and gloomy here this evening, yuk. Hopefully the weather will pick up a bit for Alices last week off before back to créche and then school in 3 weeks…


2 Responses to "Plodding along"

It looks great. Don't worry. Duplicate stitch is straightforward. Let me know if you need any guidance, but I'm sure there are online tutorials.And blocking will ease out any worries you have about the fabric – tho' it looks great from here!Rock on….

Weaving in the ends as you go. Smart girl! I think you're doing a great job of it, is this your first intarsia project?

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