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Posted on: February 10, 2010

Yeah baby, I’m a regular Phileas Fogg.
I’m off to London! I booked my courses for Knit Nation!

I’m flying over on Thursday morning, wandering the streets like a hobo for a while, visiting IKnit (although I must steel myself against any yarn purchases) and then I’m off to Avenue Q in the West End on Thurs night!
I’m doing an all day class with Cookie A on design your own top down socks on Friday, and hitting the marketplace for yarny goodness (Wollmeise!!) afterwards, with no activity planned yet for Fri night. Perhaps a few drinkies?
I’m doing All About Stranding with Anna Zilboorg on Saturday morning, so hopefully I’ll be better at stranded knitting afterwards! Then I’m zooming back to the West End to catch the matinee showing of Wicked and zooming back to the airport to fly home!
My only disappointment is that I’ll miss the Ravelry party on Saturday night, but it’s not worth staying an extra night for.
I still don’t have anywhere to stay but that’s ok. I’ll find somewhere!
I’m really excited, and quite a bit scared too. I’ve never done anything like this on my own before. I’m also nervous I’ll look a bit of a pillock going to musicals on my own. But what the heck!
BionicLaura is going over too, and we’re taking the same stranded knitting class, so it’ll be good to see a friendly face.

No knitting worth seeing, the Bex sock progresses very slowly. I’ve nothing else going on in preparation for the Ravelympics on Friday.
Although I think we Irish knitters should do something Irish for the Ravelympics in sympathy with the Irish Womens Bobsleigh team.
It’s still unsure that they will get to compete at all, see here.
First the Australians moan that it’s not fair that they don’t get to compete and we should be omitted, now the Brazilians are saying we should be kicked out. I feel sorry for those girls, sitting in the Olympic Village not knowing if they will get to compete or not.
Maybe we could knit something specific? Hmm. Anyway, I hope if they get to compete that you will support them!

Now on to sadder news.
R.I.P. Capt Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch.

Gone too soon. I love this show, have watched it since day 1.
Which says a lot for someone with a crab phobia!
I watched Phils health decline for the last season. It’s very sad, he was only 53. Such a vital and funny man, and a great Dad to his sons that were on his boat with him.
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilis.

I’m in the hospital for the rest of the week with Mam & Dad.
Dad has a colonoscopy tomorrow (ouch) and Mam is back with the Dermatologist on Friday.
I really hope Dad is ok and they don’t find anything nasty wrong with him. Say a prayer for him.
He’s been so sick with his bowels for the last while, I’m very nervous about it. I’ve to stay overnight with him too as he’ll be getting a general anesthetic, so fun times ahead.
No such worries about Mam, this appointment should be ok, her feet are a million times better. Of course, she won’t see it that way, it’ll be the end of the world having to go to the hospital. Sigh.

Good knitting!


3 Responses to "Travelicious!"

I'm glad you have something so fab to look forward to, it sounds like a tough week ahead

Ah yes, some prayers for your Dad. At least he won't be awake for it.Glad you have something nice lined up this weekend. Have fun!

I'm a bit behind on my blogs (don't feel bad, it's not just you. I'm an equal opportunity offender). I hope your Dad is doing OK. And good luck with not buying yarn at iKnit! hehehe

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