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Posted on: February 17, 2010

I’m through to the semi-finals of the Mitten Mogul & Nordic Colourwork events.
I’ve finished my first Norwegian Snail Mitten:

Isn’t it yummy? I’m very happy with my first ever colourwork project. No puckering in sight!
And they’re really soft too.
I haven’t done the duplicate stitch on the snail eyes & on a few other stitches yet, I’ve tried at least 5 times and I can’t get it. Nothing I try looks like a proper duplicate stitch. I’ll try a couple more times & if no joy then I think I’ll just leave them out. We’ll see.
I’ve also started the Myrtle Leaf Shawl and it’s going really well. It’s an easy enough pattern, even if there is lace on both side rows. Pics next post.
Nothing much else to report, Dads colonoscopy didn’t work so he has to go back again on March 11. Poor guy.
I’ve just been knitting furiously, occasionally putting the needles down in order to sleep and go to work.
I’m watching the womens downhill right now, so I better go back to the mittens, or will I do some more lace??
My poor Bex socks are languishing, and they will stay in timeout until the Olympics are over.
Oh, for any Blanchardstown knitters reading this, we’re moving our knit night from the library to the Starbucks a couple of doors up from it from next week.
Good knitting!

4 Responses to "Semi-finalist"

Love those Snail Mittens. Congrats on getting the first done. They're going to be a lovely pair. I empathise with you on you Bex socks – I have a lovely pair on time-out until Ravelympics are over. Only for the fact that I'm loving my WIPsDancing pair I'd be more torn.I can't believe you're actually watching some Olympics! I haven't caught any of it yet.

Semi finals… woo hoo! I have done a few rows of ribbing, so you're way ahead of me; nice work, though. I love the striped palms 😉

You're very talented. I wish I could knit like that. Hope all goes well for your dad in March.

Way to challenge yourself for the Ravelympics! They look really lovely, you did an amazing job!

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