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Ze scarf, il est fini!

Posted on: March 28, 2010

I know, the French is appalling, je suis très désolée.

Anyway, the scarf is done, and Alice loves it:
As you can see by her “Irelands Next Top Model” pose.

I hope these two pictures show the Illusion effect:

It was fun to knit, but it went on a bit too long. I was glad as hell it was finished.
Pattern: Hello Kitty Illusion Scarf (Ravlink)
Yarn: King Cole Smooth, 1 ball of light & 1 ball of dark pink
Needles: 3.5mm Knit Picks Options

It was an interesting introduction to Illusion Knitting, I’ll say that, and Alice thinks it’s a winner so it’s a thumbs up from me!

So now I have three WIPs left on the needles;
the Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater
the Myrtle Leaf Lace Shawl
the boring socks of never-endingness for hubby.
I am demented trying to select a yarn for the Summit shawl.
So far, I’m thinking some raspberry coloured Garnstudio Drops Alpaca
Ugh, I dunno. I’m finding it really hard to select a yarn. I don’t want to buy any more if I can help it, so I’m trawling my stash.
I contacted the designer, and she said it takes about 765yds, not 900 according to the knitty pattern, so at least that gives me more options.
I shall have another trawl and see what I can come up with.
I know I’ve 3 wips left going, but I’m mad to start something new, something hopeful and something different.
We’ll see.
Good knitting!

4 Responses to "Ze scarf, il est fini!"

Excellent work and a super hit obviously. The best type of present.And with the WIPs, my sis came across someone on ravelry who had 25 WIPs and said she hasn't even listed them all. She starts what ever she wants and eventually gets around to completing them. So my sis decided she's not going to stress over how many she has. 🙂

I love the photo of Alice! and the scarf is pretty cool too.As for Summit, wasn't someone in the Irish Knitters group on Ravelry mentioning a KAL?

That scarf is the best! What a lucky girl.

Look at that face! Ireland's Next Top Model indeed 🙂 Way to go, super mama!!! (not get thee to casting on for Summit!)

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