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Posted on: April 4, 2010

If I’m quick, I can squeeze in one last blog post before I go. It’s almost 8.45am and I’m sneaking round the house so I can get this done before anyone else gets up.

Here’s my progress on the Hemlock Ring Blanket:

A really quick and easy knit, although the no. of stitches are getting large on the needles now. I’m onto round 42 of the feather & fan chart and have 408 sts on the needles at the moment. This is expected to increase up to 472 before the bind off begins.
I also gave in last night and cast on for the Summit shawl:

I love it so far, a really interesting construction. And the Malabrigo lace? Oh my, it’s like knitting with butter, seriously it’s that soft. It’s very sticky though, so I don’t fancy my chances if I have to rip back at any stage. Dropping the stitches down is hard enough, I have to separate the stitch from the bar every time, it just gets stuck there. Almost like shetland wool.
Speaking of shetland wool, motivation is a great thing. I had no spare needles for the Summit as it is knit on 3.5mm needles too (what IS it with every freaking project I want to make being on 3.5mm??) so I finished the second sleeve of the colourwork yoke sweater! I ploughed along with it telling myself it was so I could knit the yummy shawl.
So, I’m now ready to join the sleeves and start the yoke! Yipee!
Of course I can’t decide what knitting to bring with me, so sod it, I’m bringing the lot. Luggage space is not an issue. I’m bringing the Summit, Hemlock Ring, Johns boring socks, Myrtle Leaf Shawl & maybe the Colourwork sweater, although on second thoughts maybe not. I’ve no needles for it anyway!
Have a great week everyone and cross your fingers for me that the sun will shine.

5 Responses to "Squeeze!"

The colour of that red is gorgeous!

Wow such knitting loveliness all in one post. The Hemlock blanket looks like it will be beautiful. I love the colour as well, fab.And the Malabrigo, well it's fab and the Summit shawl will be lovely. It's such an unusual construction, can't wait to see it's progress. Have a great holiday with lots of knitting!

Fingers crossed!That Malabrigo is beautiful–that shawl is going to be awesome.And very smart using the lifeline on the blanket. I've learned my lesson, so I know how useful they are.

Hmmm, seems like everyone's been knitting Summit and giving it rave reviews. Must check it out after my Year of Lace shipment arrives!

So much yumminess… Swoon!

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