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Socks done, socks begun (almost)

Posted on: May 25, 2010

Two posts in two days? What gives?
Well, I actually have some knitting to show!

Dad is still in hospital, and probably will be for a couple more days, so I’m having to move in with Mam as my brother has to go back to work. This means I’m off today to get the house sorted & pack a few bits before I go. If I’m totally honest, it’s also to have a bit of peace & quiet before I go so I can be that bit more patient with Mam & do my best for her.

So I’m up since 7am & I got cracking on Dads socks.

Pattern: Sailors Ribbing Socks (Ravlink) by Charlene Schurch from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Sirdar Town & Country Yarn (discontinued) about a ball and a quarter
Needles: 2.5mm KnitPicks Harmony dpns.
I cast on for these on April 26 and finished today, May 25th. They took a lot longer than I had planned but under the circumstances I think they went ok.
These socks are full of love. All the while I was knitting these I was in waiting rooms or visiting Dad on the ward, and hoping & praying for a safe recovery.
Although he’s not home just yet, I think these will make a lovely welcome home present for him and will hopefully cheer him up a bit.

So, with those socks finished, I had to cast on for a new project.

I asked on Twitter about what I should do, knit some baby clothes for my expectant friend, or a pair of socks for me?

TeaAndCakes said I deserved a new pair of socks for me, so I agreed, I deserved a treat 🙂
This is a project worthy of Wollmeise I said to myself. So I busted out my bag of Wollmeise (3 skeins worth, go me) and decided on this one:

Pfefferminz Prinz 80/20 twin in Medium shade.
Isn’t it just delicious?

I thought it looked kind of aquatic, so I decided on this pattern: Pomatomus
I stuck it on the swift:

And wound it into a ball.

And now I’m not so sure about the pattern. I think the colours look like a peacock now it’s been wound. This photo really and truly doesn’t do the colours any justice, they are so vibrant and jewel toned. This yarn is truly amazing.
Also, I’m a bit freaked out by Pomatomus. I know I can knit socks, I know I can knit difficult sock patterns, but this one seems to be my nemesis. I’ve tried it twice before and both times were disasters. I had huge ladders between the repeats & the yarnovers at the beginning of the needles did my head in.
The stubborn part of me thinks “Bring it, I’ll show you who’s boss” but the worn out, slightly sad part of me thinks “I just want to KNIT, not battle with a pattern”. Maybe there’s a different pattern out there that would be perfect with this yarn. Maybe a pattern that would show it off like it deserves, yet wouldn’t be too difficult for my distracted mind to cope with.
I dunno.
Until then, I’m going to give Pomatomus a shot when in my Mams, but in case of disaster, I’m also packing my Summit Shawl as backup 🙂
I shall be blogging & tweeting while I’m there, I got broadband installed there a week or so ago. Check for me here, or join me on twitter; my username is SineadR.
Good knitting!

5 Responses to "Socks done, socks begun (almost)"

My thoughts are with you & your family, and I wish you strength during the time at your Mam's. I hope the socks will help – that yarn is gorgeous!

Hi Sinead, I just want to come out of lurkdom, and say Hi, glad to hear your dad is doing well.Not sure what to say about how best to use the yarn, I know I battle myself with deciding what a yarn will be before I ever start to knit.The blue socks for your dad look lovely, Go you!I've linked to you on my blog, just to stay uptodate easily, I hope that's ok with you, if not just say so…regardsliz

That NewSock yarn looks shiny 😀 I haven't tried that pattern (or anything that complex ever… lol). Good luck! Very nice cosy-looking fishy socks. Have fun at your mum's 😉 Take chocolate.

Cookie's patterns just look really complex as written, don't they? Can't wait to see what you finally make with that lush, lush yarn. 3 skeins of Wollmeise in the stash, eh? Go you indeed!

You definitely deserve some socks. The color is beautiful. {{{hugs}}}

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