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Toe up Progress

Posted on: June 9, 2010

So progress continues on Alice’s toe up socks:

It took me two attempts on the heel, but I think I’ve got it now.
They fit her perfectly, and she loves them so far!
I have to say this is a really easy stitch pattern, only a four row repeat, and two of them are just ribbing. If it weren’t for the messy short row toes & heels, I’d be truly happy. Although now I’ve done the heel on the first one, it’s plain sailing now until the toe of the second one.
I’d love to have these done asap.
My book for Dads vest arrived today, I’ve a note from the postman to collect it. Hopefully I’ll get there tomorrow, I’m really keen to start this vest for him!
It’s World Wide Knit In Public Day on Saturday. I’ve organised a meet up in St Stephens Green from 2 – 5pm. If anyone is around, it’d be great to see you!
Here’s a link to a flier I made : Flier
Although after my work to organise it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it.
Every saturday I go round to Mam & Dad, give Mam a shower, make the dinner, clean the house & bring Mam to the hairdresser at 2.30 & collect her at 3.30.
It’s also my friends little boys 3rd birthday and she’s asked me & Alice to a party in her house.
So, I’m hoping I can go round to Mams, make the dinner etc, and maybe John will bring her & collect her from the hairdresser for me. Then I could go into town for an hour or so, drive back home, get Alice & go to the party.
Sounds exhausting just typing it!
Good Knitting!

4 Responses to "Toe up Progress"

They're coming on great! I bet Alice will love them (I sure would :D)

That's a busy schedule. Normal for you, I know, but let's pause for a sec and appreciate just how busy it is. Hope you get out to play tomorrow for WWKIP Day but especially I hope that your folks are doing ok so you can enjoy it.PS: isn't it crazy how one minute they're babies and the next minute they have such honking great feet? Wonderful.Beautiful job, BTW.

It does sound exhausting, lol, but I know you'll manage!Love the blog's new look.

Busy indeed! I hope you got to enjoy WWKIP day.

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