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Holiday Heaven

Posted on: July 16, 2010

I love summer. Especially when I don’t have to go to work!
I finished up yesterday lunchtime until August 31. Yipee!

To mark the occasion, I finished this last night:

My Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater. Isn’t it great?
Here’s a close up of the fair-isle yoke:

I’m really pleased with it. I think I got the stranding just right. I was afraid I was leaving them too loose, but upon soaking & shaping I think they’re fine.

Pattern: Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith Shetland 2 ply Jumper Weight
Needles: 3.5mm Knit Picks Circulars.

If I were to knit this again (and I will) changes I would make would be to use a smaller needle for the ribbing as I think it’s a bit loose. I also think the neck is a bit wide. I suppose that’s a victim of the larger sizing for the EPS?

I’d love to make one of these into a Henley Neck seater. I think it’d be lovely.
Alice wants one too. Only she wants hers in pink. I should have known!

This sweater was really cheap to make, Jamieson & Smith yarn is dirt cheap for 100% shetland! I love the stuff. The colours are gorgeous too.

I can’t believe I finished this in a week, from the joining of the sleeves. I had let this sit around for approx 6 months. Just goes to show how lazy I am, or how scared I was of the fair isle.

So now, on to enjoying my time off & moving on to my next UFO – the Summit Shawl.

Good Knitting!


5 Responses to "Holiday Heaven"

This is wonderful. I want a fondle!!!Bring it to Knit Club at The Yarn Room if you make it down some week! Please!BTW, I'm delighted to be able to comment on your blog, something I have had the urge to do so many times, but never could due to restrictions. Your comment field will be flooded from now on! 😉

nice one…its must be so easy for you to make it..

Fantastic you finished it! It turned out really well. I love the grey and that blue colour work yoke just sets it off perfectly. Enjoy the holidays.

Wow, way to go, Sinéad! That's some lovely colourwork. And you finished it so quickly! Well, sometimes un-cooperative WIPs just need a time-out.

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