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Posting from my iPad

Posted on: August 15, 2010

Well here goes, I’m attempting to post from my iPad. It’s all very complicated, I tried using email, but it reformatted all the pictures to put them at the top of the post.
So I gave in and downloaded BlogPress from the App store. Not too pricey at €2.39, so we’ll see how it goes.

Right, on to the post! I went shopping with Alice today and I snapped up a new school bag for her. Only €6! how could I resist it when I saw the picture on it:

It’s not a school bag, it’s a school baa-g 🙂

When I was out with my aunt & parents earlier in the week, she handed me a bag of yarn & a pattern and asked me to knit two hats for her grandson. She said she’d tried to make them & failed. Ok, I said and took it home. Oh dear. With all respect to my aunt, this pattern is hideous! No way would I give this to someone, but she liked it so what the hey.
I’m calling this the Evil Baby Hat. Having no baby of my own to model, Alice pimped up Ben (one of her teddies) for me to use.
The blue version:

And the grey version:


I kinda only knit these this week as I wanted them out of the way so I could get going on Alice’s version of the sooper seekrit cardigan, so not much other progress.
I am, however, ready to start the heel on the Baby Fern Sock:

I think they look very big. The pattern said to cast on 72 stitches for my gauge, but I don’t know. I’m usually a 64 stitch gal. Sure we’ll see how they go.

In other sooper seekrit news, the call for designs for the winter Knitty went out this week, so I’m currently trying to figure out the math to make the pattern work. Wish me luck!

I dispatched Mam & Dad off to Galway on their holidays this morning. I hope they have a good time. I feel guilty for not going too, but I couldn’t justify the cost.
Unless I was to go down for their last night so I could drive them home. Hmm.
Still, I’m going to enjoy the few days rest.

So there you have it. A blog post, from my iPad. Woo!

Good knitting!


2 Responses to "Posting from my iPad"

And I'm the first to comment on your first iPad post! Woot! 🙂 (ps: I agree, the hats are fugly. But you're a great niece for knitting them!)

Well done for persevering with the hats, I wouldn't have. Posting from the ipad? Swanky.

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