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Pi Border & Charity Appeal

Posted on: September 15, 2010

Can you believe, I ran out of yarn, again? Unbelieveable.
I decided enough was enough, and that the shawl was big enough as it is. I was about halfway through the second section of the final repeat, so I called it a day and began the edging.
What do you think?:

I know it doesn’t look like much. I’m really hoping it opens up with blocking as it feels denser than the shawl body.
This is how much I’ve done. I guess about a quarter? It’s not too bad, but the turning every row is a bit annoying.
Now, onto the appeal part of the title. I was contacted today by a lady on behalf of St Francis Hospice. They’re fundraising to complete the building of a hospice here in Dublin 15. A truly great cause, and one I’ve always supported at their other location in Raheny, Dublin as they cared for two of my relations wonderfully in their final days.
Basically, they’re hoping to have a craft fair in early December and are looking for knitters to make lots of different things. Here’s the flier:
I, for one, am really going to try and make some things for them. They sent me a few free patterns that they’re sending out to people who ask, so if you want one, leave a comment with contact details and I’ll send the info on.
One of the organisers, Maeve Henchion, will be coming along to the knitting group next Tuesday to fill us in on all the details.
I think you’ll agree it’s a wonderful cause, so please, if you can, knit something up!
Good Knitting!

5 Responses to "Pi Border & Charity Appeal"

Borders suck, I agree. ESPECIALLY when you're turning a ginormous piece of knitting on your lap every row! Looks like you'll be knitting for a great cause, any idea what you're going to make?

Shawl is fantastic! Love the red border. Looks like quite a slog but will be so great when it's done.Thanks for info on the the hospice appeal. I'll definitely knit for that and also spread the word in Wicklow.

Hello! Just added your blog to my reading list :)LOVE The colours of the shawl!!!!

That pi shawl looks great. I love the creamy main colour and I think the red will really make it pop. Best of luck with the finishing of it.

Starting the edging was a good plan. Doesn't look jarring at all.Love the logo for the hospice knit. I've ear-marked later in the year for some charity knitting so will see what I can do for you.

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