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Cloth Crazy

Posted on: October 3, 2010

I know, I know. My blog post titles are not very good these days. Sometimes you just run out of inspiration, y’know?

Anyway, here’s my next entry for the Hospice Charity knit:

Pattern: Circle Cloth (Ravlink) by Hakucho
Needles: 4.5mm straights
Yarn: Sugar & Cream

I love this cloth pattern. it’s a lovely honeycomb effect that’s really easy to do. And the raised pattern means it’ll be a really scrubby cloth. I’ve one done, so two more to go.

In exciting news, LOOK! I’ve finally finished the first Baby Fern Sock:

I only cast on for this on July 18. Sheesh. My sock mojo has really deserted me.

Now I have a dilemma. I’m going on my holidays in 3 weeks, and of course, I’m bringing sock knitting with me for the plane & car journeys. So, do I cast on the second one of these with the proviso that I must finish it before I go. This would mean I’d have to postpone the charity knitting.
Or, do I leave it to finish when I get home, continue with the charity knitting now& have the needles free to bring on holidays.
I’m leaning towards the first choice, as I think if I leave the sock I’ll probably never come back to it.

Also, I need to choose really carefully what sock pattern to do on holidays. My sock mojo is very unwell at the moment, and I need a super dooper pattern to kick start it again. A sock defibrillator, if you will.

I must put on my thinking cap.

Oh, I was transferred out of IT in work last week. I start in the budget area tomorrow, so wish me luck! I’ve never done this kind of work before, and I’m really nervous. Kinda like your first day at school all over again. Eep!

Good knitting!


5 Responses to "Cloth Crazy"

That sock is absolutely beautiful. The cloth is too. I am struggling to get my socks done right now…working on them but 'ugh' life keeps happening!!! :)Knit through all crises. 🙂

The cloth is wonderful, the sock is good too. Sometimes I think we all need to knit stuff in cycles, that you often need a break from particular knitting to let the mojo come back.

Sock defibrillator. Hee! I agree, get it off the needles and then go nuts with a NEW pattern 🙂

I love the baby fern sock! You can't leave it all alone, get knitting girl! 3wks to holidays? *jealous*

Sock looks fab, it needs a partner. The dishcloth is lovely, it would make me smile whenever I used it.Maybe if you have a break from the socks for a bit your mojo will come back. Get into something else for a while then before you know it you'll be reaching for the sock needles once again.

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