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Bootie Haul!

Posted on: November 8, 2010

I know what you’re all coming here for, to see my stash acquisitions, so let’s get to it, shall we?
I’ve loads more to post about yarn store visits, beautiful Savannah & Atlanta, plus my holiday sock progress, but I won’t tease you with those details first. I’m nice like that.
So, here we go!

I went to a couple of new stores this year. One of them was Four Purls in Winter Haven. While there I got this:

Cascade Ecological Wool. This is a yarn I’ve wanted to try for ages. The yardage is fantastic, 400yds+ in the skein for $15!

I also made several visits to Michaels. Love that store. Hubby got cake decorating stuff and I got loads of cardmaking thingies (another post) along with some yarn.
I bought the latest issue of Knit Simple and fell in love with three projects inside, hot water bottle covers. I got the yarn recommended which is a rarity for me. I also got animal eyes & perfect buttons too. Score!

The first one:

Ladybug! Too cute. Uses 1 skein of red & black Lion Brand Homespun.

The next one:

Aw widdle bear. 1 skein of blue & brown Homespun.


Turtle/Tortoise. Isn’t he cute? 1 skein each of two shades of green.

Dunno who’s going to get them, but they’re getting made!

Then I hit the Sugar n Cream shelf. I love this cotton. And so cheap!
I gots me some Green:


Daisy stripes:

Cool Breeze:

Plain ol White:

Great workhorse yarn.
Then I went to my favourite yarn store in Orlando, Sip & Knit. I love this store. The owner, Doni, is really lovely and always remembers me & makes me feel really welcome. Plus she has really scrummy yarns!
My haul this year:
This stuff is weird. It’s Zuki Designs Tokyo (the cotton on the right) and Zuki Designs Bloom (on the right). Apparently there’s a stole pattern for this yarn, but I don’t have it and it needs more that one of each skein. This was a real impulse buy with no clue what to do with it! God knows what it’ll become.
This sock yarn is delicious:
Debbie Macomber Blossoms Street Collection Petals Socks. Yum yum yarn thats 50% Merino, 20% Angora & 30% Nylon. Squishy!
This stuff was a bit of an impulse too:
It’s Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Sock Donegal. Tweedy. I’m not a huge tweed fan, but I do love Autumnal colours.

Then I was reunited with an old friend:

Pagewood Farms Chugiak! Yipee! I love this sock yarn. This colour is lilac, which Doni created for Pagewood. Apparently she had it on exclusive sale for 6 months before it was released widely. It’s a lovely soft shade of lilac. Should make some lovely socks.

There was this too:
More Chugiak in a fabulous jewel toned green. So lush.
Then this:
Shenanigans Cashmere Delight Sock. Mmm. Cashmere in sock yarn. Mmm. It’s weird, it kinda feels like silk in the skein. Should be really nice for socks or maybe a small shawl.
Had to get this for hubby:
Berocco Comfort Sock. He loves his hand knit socks, but hates the wool, so this stuff is perfect for him. It’s not too squeaky to knit with and wears really well. Cheap too!
I’ve deliverately saved the best for last. I’m mean like that 🙂
When I knew we were going to Atlanta, I just had to visit this store. Knitch.
It cost me $20 in a taxi to get there and took approx 45 mins to 1 hr to walk back to the hotel afterwards (uphill), but it was worth it.
I got this:
Some really nice Malabrigo Sock. I love the shade, a nicely hued russet type colour.
But this was the star of the yarn tour. This yarn should have its own sound effect, kinda like a choir of angels singing “Aaaaw”!:

Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER y’all! Oh yeah! I think I deserve major kudos for only buying 3 skeins of this baby. They had loads. It’s so soft and squishy yet not overpoweringly tweedy. I thought these colours go well together, maybe a hat and scarf set in stranded knitting? I dunno, I think it’ll require some thought. This stuff is special, I want to make the best of it.

They’re one of only a handful of yarn stores in the US stocking this yarn. Apparently Jared hand picked the stores himself. No way was I missing out on this yarn!
So there you have it. Much more than I planned on buying, but much less than I wanted to buy!
More specifics on the yarn stores with photos next time, plus my holiday sock project. Then I’ll hopefully get to some of the actual sights we took in!
Good knitting!

9 Responses to "Bootie Haul!"

I am so jealous! The tweedy yarn looks so pretty, yarn lust, must mop drool up now.

Yarr! Booty! What a fantastic haul. I love those hot water bottle covers, they will be lovely and cosy. And the shelter yarn looks lovely, it would indeed be fab as a colour work hat and mittens.

That malabrigo red made me drool….

Your bootie haul was great. I am very intersted now in the Shelter yarn. I must google that and get to know it better.Looking forward to what is next on your blog.-L

Wow! Shelter! Jealous (1000)

Aaaaaaaaaah! I can't believe you scored some Shelter!!!! SCOOOOORE!!! 🙂

Lovely! I'm knitting Jared Flood's Urban Aran Cardigan. The Brooklyn Tweed Shelter put me over the edge!

Wow! You did great! Love those hot water bottle covers. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Oh my! Such lovely yarns! Well done 🙂 I'd love to try that Cascade Eco, too!

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