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Surprise Package!

Posted on: November 17, 2010

I got home from work today to a really lovely surprise!

A book on the Japanese art of Furoshiki Tsutsumi. It’s gift wrapping with fabric. The lovely Averil sent it to me. She was on holidays in Japan this year and picked it up for me as a surprise. How nice is that?
She also included two beautiful squares of fabric for me to practice with. They really are lovely:
These are some of my favourite items. A bag:
A wine bottle wrapper:
A gift box wrapper:
Thank you SO much Averil! Alice and I are really looking forward to trying it this weekend. You’re so thoughtful, it really made my day. 🙂
Remember I was talking about making tags for the knitted hospice items to give credit to the makers? Well I picked up this stamp in the states:
I think this is perfect.
Speaking of hospice knitting, I just this minute cast off my last project for the fair:
A two colour Brioche scarf. This was a technique I’d wanted to try for a while now, so what better excuse? It was a bitch to get the hang of, but once I’d got my head around it, I was happy enough. I love the way one colour is to the front on one side, and it’s reversed on the other. Perfect for a scarf!

Pattern: A basic scarf, CO 31 sts and use brioche stitch.

Yarn: King Cole Big Value Chunky (Acrylic) 1 ball of light blue and 1 ball of dark blue
Needles: 6mm KnitPicks Options Circulars
I’m happy enough with it, I think. Now on to Christmas knitting! What is it, 5 weeks to Christmas? I best start hubbys jumper then! I’m making this pattern up too, so I hope it goes ok! I’ll be chanelling EZ all the way.
Good knitting!

1 Response to "Surprise Package!"

Aren't surprise packages the best? And so unique, too! 36 days until Christmas. Aack.

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