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Instant FO Goodness

Posted on: November 25, 2010

I love instant gratification. There’s nothing like casting on a new project, and casting it off in the same evening! I reckon this scarf took about an hour to do. Can’t beat that, right?

The yarn is Sirdar Snowball. It’s a slub yarn, with string in between the slubs. Knit it on 8mm needles and it looks great! Dead easy.

There’s no pattern for it, just CO 5 stitches and stocking stitch. This is for Alice as part of her Christmas present. She’s wanted a “snowball scarf” for ages now. So I’ve officially finished my first knitted Christmas present! Go me!

In other knitted present news, here’s the progress so far on hubbys jumper. I’m calling this Square Dance, as the pattern is squares, and I’m original like that 🙂

This is based on a jumper he saw in a Van Heusen store in Orlando that I took a picture of on my phone.

I think it looks ok so far, don’t you? I’ve yet to decide how to do the yoke and sleeves, as I want the pattern to continue up without shaping if I can, but it’s acrylic so I believe I can’t steek it. I may end up splitting the front and back once I reach the armholes. I don’t want to, but so far it’s all I’ve got. We’ll see how I feel once I get there 🙂

Here’s a close up of the pattern:

The hospice craft fair will be on the weekend of Dec 11 & 12 in the Blanchardstown Centre. We spent knit night last Tuesday cutting, stamping and labelling all of the items we had so far. Not a bad haul from one group I must say

Good knitting!


6 Responses to "Instant FO Goodness"

That scarf is cool! :)Great colour for the Jumper!

Looks like good progress on your Christmas knitting to me!

I'm liking the look of your hubby's jumper. Hope you figure out how to do the yoke without much tinking. And those snowball scarves are so soft.

I've decided to go with chunky cowls for the fair! Knitting as fast as I can through them now …

Your husband's sweater looks great! And it looks like it's coming along fast too.I am making little 'cuddle' blankets out of yarn like you used for your scarf. It's Coats and Clark though, called Pompadoodle. Six skeins and just the right size for little kids! Fun to knit with!

Square dance…. *snort*. Sorry, I'm having a giggle here 🙂 The scarf and hoe-down jumper look grand 🙂

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