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Snow and other things

Posted on: December 3, 2010

We’ve had rather a lot of snow here recently. This was the back garden yesterday morning:

A good 3 or 4 more inches fell yesterday, with the result that schools were closed and I have been working from home yesterday & today, in what I affectionately call my Pyjama Office.
All joking aside though, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. The budget is on Tuesday, and it’s normally all hands on deck at work. I haven’t been slacking (too much) at home!

The snow also meant that almost all of the Dublin knitting meet ups were cancelled, so we used our intitiative and had a Twitter virtual knit night last night, #twitknit. It was great fun! There were times I couldn’t keep up with all the tweets. We even trended in Ireland! The power of knitters, heh. Here’s a link to the projects we were working on. We tagged them with twitknit on Ravelry.

I’ve finished the body of hubbys Square Dance jumper:

Looks grand, I think. I’m on the sleeve now:

Magic Loop on the sleeves is driving me nuts. I really should get a set of 4mm dpns. As you can see, I stretched it onto the smallest circular I have as soon as I could. Looks a bit like a witches hat or a chimney I think!

At the knitting group last week, we made tags for the knitted items we had made. Remember I said I was really keen for the knitters to get credit for their work? Anyway, so nice were they, I was also asked to make 200 more tags by the lady organising the fair for the rest of the items! Jeez, like I’ve gazillions of time. I swear I feel like I’ve organised this thing myself. Anyway, it is for a good cause, so somehow I managed to make the 200. By hand. We had a cutter for them last week, but it’s not mine, so I used one of the tags made last week as a template and cut these 200 by hand. Ouch. Then I stamped them. Double ouch.

They look nice though, don’t they?

I wrote the name of the knitter in the box, and the name of the project, what fibre its made of & washing instructions above it. I love them.

It’s been an eventful week otherwise, too. Remember Dad had another colonoscopy & CT scan a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, well we never got the results, so I rang the hospital on Wednesday to see what the results were. I spoke to the Consultants secretary, who told me that they had been sent to Dad’s GP. Now Dad’s GP is shocking at communication so I asked her to tell me. She read me the GP letter which said the colonoscopy was fine. I said, “What about the CT scan?” She had no idea what I was talking about, said she’d check & ring me back. She rang back about 10 mins later & said she spoke to the Consultant who had seen them and said they were “discussing Dads case at an MDT next Fri and would we come and see him straight afterwards”. Huh? What’s an MDT? I asked her and she said something about a large team meeting to decide where they would go from here with his care. HUH? That’s all she’d tell me.
Now I’m worried sick that his cancer is back, and they’re deciding whether to treat or not. I know I’m probably exaggerating, but that’s what I do when not armed with the facts. Plus, why would the whole team need to meet to “decide where to go from here” if there was nothing wrong? Of course, I lied to Dad and told him it was just a check up. I don’t want him worrying too. One of us is enough. Please let it be ok, I dread to think what will happen if its not. A whole week to wait too. Gah!


6 Responses to "Snow and other things"

Can't believe the doctors are just leaving you in the dark like that. Your family will be in my thoughts/prayers/good vibes sending thing 🙂

Well, you know that EZ would tell you to knit on through all worries. Hoping you get more reassuring information next week. N ;-)x

Your tags are cute. 200 by hand though…your poor hands.Hope you can find enough distractions for the week and I hope the result of the scan is not as bad as you're dreading.

Hope everything's ok. Where I worked used to have regular oncology team meetings to discuss everyone, going good or bad, so maybe he's just on the list as a "book another review in 6m" kind of thing. I don't know. I'm sure they'd have told him bad news by now…

omg you poor thing. just keep telling yourself that this time two weeks you'll know, and that you'll have dealt with it (whatever it is) and that this waiting won't last. BIG HUG.

I hope all is well with your Dad next week. I can try tell you not to worry but hopefully you can keep the worry to a minimum…The jumper looks good, I know what you mean about the magic loop though. I have the same problem and am stretching a hat on a circular and it's not great.. Maybe you are right that the dpns would be slightly easier.

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