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Ssssh, it’s secret stash!

Posted on: December 8, 2010

It’s just you and me, right? No one else need know. Keep it to yourself, I don’t want hubby finding out, but here’s the “additional” sock yarn I asked my knitting group buddy to grab for me on Monday.

Fair isle-type blue:

Some Fair isle type reds:

I’m presuming this is fair isle type too as it’s the same name, but it doesn’t quite look it. This is nice icy blues & greys:

Then there’s the self-striping. This one was really hard to photo, it seemed to suck the light, but it’s very nice shades of brown with the odd little blue bit in, just for fun:

Finally, this one is blacks and greys. My Dads name is written all over this one!:

That’s 10 pairs of socks worth of yarn for €25. Bargain! Although I might use some of it for a shawl. We’ll see.

Just don’t tell hubby!

Good knitting!


7 Responses to "Ssssh, it’s secret stash!"

Or a sock yarn cardi! Great haul! I stayed AWAY this time because I still haven't knit the sock yarn I got the last time they had a special offer.

Wow, that IS a bargain, lucky you! Won't tell hubby, don't worry.

Ooh, great haul… lucky you! (and your secret is safe with me!)

Yay for sock yarn. At least you knit socks – unlike myself. However, like S-K-U-T-B, I still have the packs that I got last year, so stayed away this time. Not that I can get out of the house for snow anyway, tho'!

Very pretty. Oooo….aaaaa.

Your secret's safe with me! 🙂

Great colors! What fun…I won't tell a thing!

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