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Posted on: December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa brought what you wanted. I did very well, I think. I got the anniversary edition of EZs Almanac, the EZ Knitting Glossary DVD, Knitting Pattern- a-day calendar for 2011, Epic Mickey on the Wii, Lord Alan Sugar’s autobiography and Stephen Frys latest autobiography installment. A fantastic haul.
John loves his jumper and Alice was thrilled with her Santa goodies and her Snowball Scarf.

We had a great day yesterday. My brother surprised Mam & Dad and came up yesterday morning for a few days. It was lovely to have the whole family round the table for dinner.
I also brought Alice to midnight mass on Christmas Eve for the first time this year, just so she could see Grandad and his choir for their biggest performance of the year. It was beautiful.

Last night, while I was digesting my enormous dinner beautifully cooked by hubby, I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if I could finish all my wips and have a clean knitty slate to start 2011 with? I mentioned this on Twitter and a few others agreed. So, it looks like there’s going to be a group effort to clear the decks for the New Year.
I cast on a pair of Spiral Boot Socks on Christmas Eve, here’s my progress so far:

These are being done toe-up so I can try as I go, as I need to make them wider in the leg for my chubby stumps.
I’m not going to include these in the wip-down ( I know, making excuses straight away) as they are new & shiny & I know I’m going to want to knit them.

So, I have 3 projects to get done. My Myrtle Leaf lace shawl, my Summit Shawl and a cardigan for Alice.
Here’s the first one, the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. This has hibernated since the Ravelympics (gasp) as I lost the will to continue on the border. I got stuck. I hadn’t made it the recommended length in the pattern as I was running out of yarn, so I didn’t know how to turn the corners on the border. With the result that it languished.
Looking at it this morning, I think I can get away without the border. What do you think?

The border is on the right. It looks fine without it, doesn’t it? I’m going to rip out the border and continue on until I run out of yarn. It’s going to be a scarf instead of a shawl. Still looks good though, huh?

Right, I have 5 days do finish 3 wips. Can I do it? The clock is ticking….

Good knitting!


4 Responses to "Wip-Down"

Wow, I wish I could start 2011 with a clean slate, but there's no way, lol. I really love the shawl — I think it'll look just fine without the border and as a scarf, really beautiful.Glad you had a great Christmas!

Lovely shawl! Leave out the border, it would make it a bit fussy methinks… 😉

I think it is perfectly fine without the border! I love that pattern stitch. I would ditch the border and use the yarn to make it longer. if it were mine. 🙂 Love the socks too!!!

Yes i think you are right. A new perspective can solve our grievences. No border it shall be. Good luck with culling the wips.

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