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Howth Vest

Posted on: January 7, 2011

I’m feeling very proud of myself today. I’ve published my first design!

It’s a vest I designed for my Dad. It’s worked in the round and uses Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Kangaroo Pouch technique for the steeked v-neck and armholes. It uses 3.5mm and 4mm circular needles. I chose Drops Karisma Superwash for it as it’s 100% wool, therefore suitable for steeking. It’s a lovely yarn and also very reasonably priced.

You can download the pattern from Ravelry: Download Now

Please let me know if you knit it, or if you have any feedback on it. Like I said, it’s my first ever pattern, so any advice approeciated!

Here’s a link to a slideshow of the other pics I have. For some reason, I can’t embed the slideshow today.Click!


15 Responses to "Howth Vest"

It suits him! Tell him he looks very dashing in it 😉

Well done, Sinéad! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I really like it – and am wondering if it would suit me!Last night I designed my first sock. We'll see if it works out. :)Charlotte (aeris from New York)

Sinead, it's gorgeous! What a good job you did. Congratulations! I'm definitely going to queue this one because my hubby wears vests in the winter. Bravo!

Wowie! Well done! It's a lot of work writing up a pattern so big congratulations to ya. Love the name too. AND the photos.I'll bet you're proud. I'm proud. I know your Dad is proud. That's a lot of good ol' pride going on.WHAT a handsome fella your Dad is. Tell him he has his own Fan Club, eh?Now to see if my sister approves the design for her hubby and we might be in business!

How exciting Sinéad! I wish I could design something. Alas, I sometimes can barely follow someone else's pattern! Your dad looks dashing! Congratulations!

That's so awesome! Congratulations!Lovely pattern as well, and such a willing model 🙂

It's lovely! (And that's a really good photo.)

First of all, well done for getting your first pattern out!The vest is gorgeous. I love the cable detail, it's really classic. Your Dad is a fabulous model, that photo of him is great, he looks very much the dapper gent in it.

Love it, Sinéad!Bravo on both the steekign and the design. : )

OMG! Congratulations! This vest is such a stunner! Well done indeed! Your Dad is cute too! 🙂

That is really nice Well Done

Both are very handsome.

Congrats on your first publishing! I hope to feel the thrill one day as well. You really made a very handsome vest! And it looks very handsome on the wearer as well. Cheers!

I'm getting caught up on yout blog (sorry, I won't be commenting on everything!), but I wanted to congratulate you on your first ever published pattern! It looks great on your dad.

That's beautiful, well done you! I rather like the modelling photo too. He must be proud as punch. 🙂

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