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Swatching Stage 1

Posted on: February 4, 2011

I’ve finished my stocking stitch swatches:

Going on colour so far, I think my favourites are the green and the dark red.

Swatch No. 1:

Garnstudio Drops Muskat (100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton) using 3.5mm needles. I got 24 sts x 32 rows over 4″. This is a lovely tight fabric, and not too harsh to knit with. I wondered if it might be a little too tight, and I would lose drape as a result, so I switched to 4mm needles:

I think this is a bit better, I got 22 sts x 28 rows to 4″. Just enough of a difference to make it more fluid. This is the more accurate colour, a really rich emerald green.

Swatch No. 2:

Garnstudio Drops Lin (100% Linen) using 3.5mm needles. I got 22 sts x 32 rows to 4″. I had originally done this on 4mm needles, but it was way too holey. Even the 3.5mm is a bit too holey for me. I want this top to be something I can wear without having to layer underneath it. Plus, it KILLED my hands to knit with, especially my little finger on my right hand. I have a tendency to “push” the stitches along with it, and I have a red welt there now. Boo. Although, I have heard this softens up after washing really nicely. Stolen Stitches had a great idea to wash the linen before knitting with it, as this really helped to soften it up. I might try that!

Swatch No. 3:

Granstudio Drops Silke-Tweed (52% silk, 42% wool) using 3.5mm needles. I got 24 sts x 32 rows to 4″. This is a lovely textured yarn, but again a bit rough. It feels almost identical to Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, but way cheaper! I’ll be interested to see how this looks after washing.

Which one is your favourite so far?

So, that’s swatching stage 1, bring on stage 2, the wet round!

Good knitting!


4 Responses to "Swatching Stage 1"

The green cotton gets my vote for colour and stitch definition.

That green is so vibrant and rich–the stitches look so even and perfect. I guess that's just how mercerized cotton is?The red is gorgeous, too, but it's interesting about the linen swatch. I have some linen yarn but haven't used it yet. I wonder if I'll have a hard time with mine, too.

OMG! I love the green cotton on the size 4's!

I agree, the green is my favourite. It's knitting up beautifully, and should really work well if you're planning to put any lace panels in your top.

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