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Making it Fit

Posted on: February 22, 2011

I’ve been knitting up a storm the past few days, trying to get enough knit so I can try on my top and see how it fits. Sorry about these photos, they were taken by Alice.

Here’s the front:

Sorry for the self-mauling, it’s curling like a mad thing so I held it to show the length. I’m happy with the front, I think the neckline looks great. Exactly how I wanted it to look. There will be a border round the neckline so it won’t be so wide.

Here’s the back:

The back is grand, too. Fits nicely, not too loose or tight.

The one problem is the underarm:

Too big. WAY too big. *sigh* So, how did I fix it? I got out a favourite sweater and I measured it. I was actually surprised that it was smaller than I thought. Maybe I’m over estimating the size of my bust! Anyway, I measured away and then placed my work on top of the sweater. It was really obvious that the underarms were way too big. I checked the measurements and using my gauge figured out I needed to reduce the armholes by about 17 stitches each side.

I’ve ripped back and re-done the armholes. I can’t try it on until I get a few more inches done, so I hope I’ve solved the problem. Then I have to pick a waistband design and a stitch pattern for the bottom. Back to work I go!

I was thinking of doing an in-depth review of Interweave Knits, from the point of view of pattern by pattern how much it would cost to knit, difficulty level and sizes provided etc. Would you be interested in reading a review like that? Let me know.

Good knitting!


7 Responses to "Making it Fit"

Glad you got the armholes to work!

The top is looking great — I hope the armhole issue is solved!I'd LOVE an IK review like that. It's always helpful when a real person does things like that vs. just reading a magazine.

I would really enjoy a review like that.I am very impressed and green with envy. Will this top be a tank type top that you wear a shirt under?

Hey there!I would LOVE a review like that! I myself don't' read knitting mags. I am bad with sticking to a pattern and I have always found the suggested yarn made bigger projects prohibitively priced. I would like to know, if this is still the case.What a great idea!

I think you're marvellous for doing that pattern up yourself – I'll definitely test knit it for you when you've finished, it looks gorgeous so far. And yes please to the IK review! I have mine too now and would be interested to see what you make of them. My fave is Carol's waistcoat.

I love the colour and the way the neck is shaped. It will be interesting to see it when its finished

Such are the perils of designing a pattern yourself, I suppose. I hope you've sorted it all out!

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