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Busy Day (and more yarn)

Posted on: February 24, 2011

Phew! Today was a busy day. Alice & I did loads!

First we went to the shopping centre where I tried to get new glasses, and failed miserably. Why are all glasses big thick frames nowadays? They make me look a right plonker. If anyone knows an optician in Dublin with a good selection, let me know!

We moved onwards to the bookstore where I got the new Simply Knitting magazine. I know, my third knitting magazine this week, but I am on holidays… I got Alice a card making magazine too.

Then we hit Penneys where I grabbed an absolutely gorgeous Owl umbrella that SheKnitUpThatBall found recently. I’m developing a bit of a thing for owls. The sheep won’t be very pleased.

Then we went to the Bear Factory where Alice got a grooms outfit for her bears to match the bride outfit she has. I had made her a priests outfit before, so now she has the whole wedding ensemble! It’s gas watching her marrying her bears, good job there’s no bigamy laws for them!

We had a very naughty lunch in McDonalds (ssh), then I got coffee in Starbucks for home. A must have if there’s to be a happy atmosphere. No coffee in morning = Godzilla Mammy.

After all that spending, you’d think I was done. Oh no. I decided that I needed to see some yarn so I headed to Springwools.

I will admit that I went primarily for this:

Lang Jawoll Magic sock yarn. Mmm. They have loads of lovely shades, but this one called to me, the fan of autumnal colours I am. It’s lovely shades of brown to goldy-brown. Yum!

Things were going well. I had got what I wanted and was ready to go, but then I had another accident:

4 balls of King Cole Bamboo Cotton, 2 brown and 2 turquoise. In my defence, I have two babies coming up this year to knit for. I’m thinking stripy BSJ’s. Also, we were talking on Twitter yesterday about cute colours for baby stuff that isn’t traditional baby, and I remembered I love the colour combo of turquoise & brown. Gender neutral and flattering to almost everyone. I’m actually itching to cast on for one of these, it’d be a nice break from the Ethereal Top.

Alice found this, and I couldn’t say no. She’s such a huge Hello Kitty fan:

It’s a kit to make a Hello Kitty hat. Aw. I’m such a sucker.

When we got home, after a quick cup of tea to refresh us, we got busy cardmaking. It’s hubby & his sisters birthday next week. Being leap year babies (no, they’re not twins, there’s 8 years between them) they don’t really have a birthday, but we use March 1. I got these kits in Michaels in Florida last year especially for them, as they both love to cook.

This one is for my sister-in-law:

And this one is for hubby:

Featuring his favourite kitchen appliance, his Kitchen Aid mixer. He’s going to love it.
Alice is dead proud of them.

In Ethereal top news, I fixed the armholes! Yay me! I got enough done to try it on again, and it fits great now. Just another few inches of booring stocking stitch to go before I get to pick an empire waistline design. *sigh* No wonder I’m itching to cast on a BSJ.

In other non knitty news, tomorrow is voting day in our general election. I’m dreading thinking of who will be elected. If it’s who the polls are saying, it’s going to be really grim in work. Really grim. I’m very undecided, I don’t think there’s a clear alternative at all, but I do know one thing: I will be voting. It drives me mad when people don’t exercise their vote, when so many people all over the world would die for the right to vote to select their government. At least that’s one thing we can be thankful for here at the moment. So, USE YOUR VOTE!

Good knitting!


12 Responses to "Busy Day (and more yarn)"

Wow so they were both born on the 29th how unusual is that!! The cards are brill. Alice is very talented -she must get it from her mother!The new yarn looks nice, especially the sock wool. I love autumn colours too. Next up on my needles is a BSJ too. It'll be my first so I'm sure I'll be pestering you for help!

I love that you went for the turquoise and brown. I think it's so pretty. I'm casting on for my baby blanket this evening, I chose the pattern yesterday and the yarn today and I have no patience.

"And then, I decided I needed some yarn!" Love it 🙂 Sounds like you and Alice are having a great holiday though.

Our local elections aren't until next month but I totally agree with you: VOTE. It's so important!It sounds like you and your lovely daughter had a fantastic day! Had an "accident…"–heh.

Aw, your day sounds lovely. Can't wait to see the Hello Kitty hat, I have a fan of Kitty here too! There was a Hello Kitty shop in Galway which closed down last Saturday. The guy running it was a bit down about all the crying little girls who came in on the last day!

That's so mad that your bro and his sis both share a leap birthday. Good seeing you and Alice today! I didn't realise what a jam-packed day of fun you two were having- Alice was the queen of nonchalance when asked about her mid-term, she's a hoot!I look forward to seeing the BSJ when it materialises – I am a major fan of non-traditional colours on babies, and am always encouraging folks to mix it up with their yarn shades for baby knits.

I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying it immensely. Next time we wing it from California to Dublin, I'll have yarn shops to explore, all because of you.

Were they both born on Feb 29th?! That's mad! Anyway, YAY for new brolly, hopefully you won't need it much this spring 😀

That sounds like a perfect day! Full of girly fun! Thanks for sharing!

Even though you didn't find good glasses, it sounds like you two had a wonderful time. I love Lang yarns and I really like blue and brown together. I'll be looking forward to seeing the Hello Kitty hat. I love homemade cards !!!

That was a busy day! I love the cards you and A made, she's really good at making them. I love love love turquoise and brown together and I love that KC bamboo cotton too, total win for a BSJ.

Yay, you fixed the armholes! Lots of lovely new yarn for your stash you got too! What a fun day out you had.

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