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Happy St. Patricks Day

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Today, there will be none of this:

Or this:

Or this:

That is what people other than Irish people do. Here, there will be lots of this:

Dad’s second sock. I aim to finish this today. Do you think I can do it? Let’s find out…

Oh, and I ordered the vomiting chicken. Can’t wait to get it.

Good knitting!


7 Responses to "Happy St. Patricks Day"

The sock looks great, good luck on chicken, it IS cute. Happy St. Patrick's Day.Go to stpatricksdayneworleans.comto see how New Orleans celebrates it.

Yeah, I never got the green beer thing. Happy St-Paddy's Day, Sinéad!

But the dog looks so cute! I like that he's smiling.

What is a vomiting chicken??

I spent P-Day knitting too!

First, I have to tell you I love the vomiting chicken! That's hilarious! Next, I've never had a green beer. Is it supposed to taste different or just make your teeth funny or what? And a question; if you don't wear green on St. Paddy's Day over here you get pinched. Is that a real superstition or did that get added on for commercial value? Your sock looks great! He'll be glad to get them.

I'm late but I hope you all had a great St. Paddy's day! I'm not remotely Irish (hee hee) so I don't do green beer or anything else, lol.

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