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Speedy Knitting & Spring Cleaning

Posted on: March 20, 2011

So I decided to give the blog a bit of a spring clean. Do you like the new look? Let me know what you think, and if you would prefer anything changed.

ándale ándale, arriba arriba! (as Speedy Gonzales would say). I knocked out this baby in a couple of hours last night & this morning.

I figured since I bought hubby the Kindle for his birthday I should make him a cover for it too.

Pattern: Cables for Kindles by Paulette Wright
Yarn: Araucania Nature Cotton, about 3/4 of a skein
Needles: 5mm dpns

A grand easy pattern, but knitting on such big dpns is a pain. Plus, I think I’m never going to find a way to prevent the loose stitches either side of cables. No matter what I try they always come out loose. Still, hubby loves it so it has done its job. 🙂

So I don’t know if I said I’m off to Maastricht on Monday week for an EU seminar, but I am. I checked my wardrobe, and found it to be sorely lacking in decent respectable formal wear. I went to the shopping centre this morning to get some shirts and came home empty handed. It’s SO hard to get decent larger size clothes in this bloody country. I’m going to look a right state when I go. 😦
Right. Pity party over. This has steeled my resolve and I’m damn well going to finish the Ethereal top before I go so I can wear it and blow their Dutch socks off at the seminar. Oh yes.

While I was at the shops today, I found this cardigan on sale for €30. I love it. It drapes at the bottom a bit like Carol Fellers Adrift, but has long sleeves and lovely lacy stitch panels all over it. It’s really fine knit. I tried to get some pictures of the stitch panels.

This is the sleeve cuff. You can also see a bit of the panel at the elbow:

This is the top of the back:

This is the front chest:

This is the empire waist at the back:

And this is the bottom front:

There’s also a “buttonband” of the above stitch all around the front. Isn’t it cool? It looks lovely and drapes really well. I wonder could I incorporate some of the panels into the Ethereal top? I might see if I can deconstruct the panels and try some of them out.

Good knitting!


10 Responses to "Speedy Knitting & Spring Cleaning"

I love the spring clean! Really sharp! The Kindle cover is nice. It will be perfect for keeping out dirt and scratches. I'm with you on the larger sizes in nice clothes predicament. I'm starting to think maybe I need the maternity dept then I'll see some prego girl in a tight t-shirt and decide I have those clothes at home! ha haGood thoughts for finishing Ethereal!

I like th new look! 🙂 Cute Jacket! The colour is fab! I really like turquoise a lot these days! WOW that kinlde cover came together super fast! It looks great!

I think the design overhaul looks terrific! I'm am right with you finding nice clothes for the voluptuous. If only we could knit fast enough for all of our clothes to be custom 🙂

The picture cracked me up!

Oooooooo the sweater is beautiful ! The kindle cover is great too. Nice and bouncy yarn. I'm looking forward to your Ethereal. I laughed out loud at your saying you want to blow their Dutch socks off !

Oh and the new blog look is great !

You did a great job with the kindle cover, even if the DPNs were a pain.

Love the new look! 😀 Love, love, love!

Love the blog revamp! Did you have someone design your blog template? The cover is gorgeous…makes the gift better too!!

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