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Posted on: March 31, 2011

I know I’ve been fairly silent recently, but lots has been going on. You’re all expecting the Vogue/Designer Knitting review, and it’s coming, but much more slowly than I had anticipated.

Last Saturday morning I went round to my parents as normal, and Dad wasn’t well. He found blood in his stool on Friday, and said nothing knowing I’d be around on Saturday. Grr. He drives me nuts sometimes, the way he never thinks of himself. Anyway, I brought him straight to hospital, where he still remains.

There were no beds on a ward for him, so he was in the Accident & Emergency Dept until about 11.30 on Sunday night. God knows what he saw in his time there.

In the meantime, you may remember that I was due to travel to Maastricht on Monday morning for 3 days. I was in a right state. Who would mind Mam? My brother had only gone home the day before, I couldn’t ring him and ask him to come up. But, I had no choice. Mam can’t be left, I couldn’t cancel the seminar. I rang him and he said he couldn’t get up till Monday morning. So, I stayed with Mam on Saturday night and I had to ring my aunt (who’s in her 70s) and ask her to stay with Mam on Sunday night. Talk about a long night, Mam wandered the house all night crying for Dad. I was absolutely wrecked.

Off I went to my seminar, worried sick about Dad. Turns out I spent almost all my time there on the phone home. Brothers car broke down halfway up, meaning my poor aunt had to stay 3 nights with Mam. I was so mad! The one time I go away for work and all this shit happens.

But back to the real patient. Dad had to fast for two days while he waited for an endoscopy to see if it was a perforated ulcer, as they were too busy to do him the first day. Now my Dad is 88, and fasting for two days isn’t easy. They did the scope, and apparently found another polyp in his bowel, but no perforated ulcer. His bowel cancer the last time was in a polyp, so I’m worried sick. But the doctors said it’s too small to worry about. My thoughts? It wasn’t there during his last CT scan, so is must have recently grown. Doesn’t that mean that it will become something to worry about unless treated? I dunno.

So he’s still in hospital, waiting for a colonoscopy that was meant to be done today, so he’s been fasting since yesterday morning again. As of writing (19:47) he still hasn’t been done. I visited him today and briefly saw the doctor but couldn’t discuss his case with him, he was gone so quick. He seemed to be of the impression that Dad could go home after the scope. Surely they won’t do that now, at this hour of the night? And if not, who’s going to mind Mam? I have to go back to work tomorrow. I had today off for time owed due to travelling.

I’m so sick of all this stress. Truly. Why does something always happen to Dad when I’m about to go somewhere? You may remember I was about to go to America before when he collapsed at home and didn’t get discharged until the night before I was due to go, and only if I arranged private nursing care at home for him. I honestly think the stress of caring for Mam is what’s making him so ill. I don’t know how he does it. Even my aunt finally agreed with me that it’s time Mam was in a home. If only I could convince Dad too.

So, that’s a bit of a pity party, isn’t it? And it’s not over yet, either. Everything depends on Dad getting home, and there being nothing wrong. But there must be something wrong, you don’t find blood in your stools for nothing. Oh, and I almost forgot. Mam has a dermatologist appointment (in the same hospital) at half 11 in the morning. Yeah. She’s not going to make that.

So hopefully you can understand the delay in the VK review. Normal service will resume asap.

Good knitting!


12 Responses to "Silence"

Oh my god. You poor pet. Are you ok yourself? Don't forget to mind *yourself* while all this is whirling around you. I'm only ever as far away as the phone next to you, don't forget, if you ever need a hand with anything.

{{{Hugs}}} to you, Sinead. This cannot be easy and I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope your dad gets better soon and that you all can find a good solution for your mam.

So sorry to hear about all your health-related worries.

Echoing sheknitupthat and hoping that you are also minding yourself during this stressful time – its not easy to remember to eat/sleep properly while looking after others. I also hope that your dad has had his test by now………..thinking of and praying for you all.

Will be praying for you and your parents!!!! Thanks for the update.

You poor hon! What a worry and stress. Don't be thinking of the Vogue review for gawd's sakes. Sheesh! Here's hoping that all will be well with the test. Try not to worry too much (impossible I know, but try). Anything we can do to help, let us know.

I hope you and your family are able to work out a better situation for your parents, and that knitting continues to be a break from life's stresses!

Just reading this now, 5 days late (stress at home, so pity-party all around). I hope your Dad is home now, and that the colonoscopy revealed some good news.

There's very little someone far away like me can do to offer comfort, but at very least please know that I'll be keeping you, your father, your mother and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep that chin up and don't forget to take time for the health of your own mind and body!

It's hard when parents get to this point, isn't it? I'm thankfully not at that point yet and have no idea how I'll deal with it, especially living so far from my mom. Hopefully your dad is ok and you can get your mam into a nursing home.

And one more thing – if you're dad is still in the hospital make an appt with the social worker. She may be able to help you find assistance for your parents

I can fully appreciate how you feel. Both my parents are in their 70's and my dad has had a few close calls since October 2010. Sending you hugs and good vibes/prayers from the East Coast of the United States..(((Hugs))))

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