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Posted on: April 15, 2011

Fickleness. If that’s a real word, it’s what I’ve got. I cast on for and finished a Nutkin sock, only to find the damn thing doesn’t fit me. I have no idea why, I cast on 64 and made it to fit my foot like I always do, but it won’t go over my heel. It does, however, fit Alice perfectly:

The best excuse I can come up with is that I’ve been so stressed out recently that I knit much more tightly than usual. I was understandably annoyed, and so I put the second sock on hold and cast on for some baby goodness:

I’ve made one of these before, and really like the pattern. It’s the Baby Yoke Cardigan (seamless, of course). Everyone I know seems to be pregnant at the moment. There must be something hinky in the water round here. A colleague in work’s partner had a little girl on Monday, so I figured I should make something. I had hoped to have it finished by yesterday, but it was not to be. I’m off on holidays now till May 3, so it’ll have to wait until I go back to work to give it to him.

Today was Alices last day in school and they had an Easter Bonnet parade around St. Stephens Green, a beautiful city centre park beside her school. She was finished at 11.30, so there was no point in me driving her in, going home and then coming back. I ended up wandering round town for ages, as none of the stores opened till 9.30! I was like a hobo 🙂

I found myself in Hickeys (a fabric store) and walked out with this:

I love this pattern. I spied it on the Simplicity website a while ago, and didn’t think I could get it here. Not only did I get it, but it was half price! €6 and change. A bargain. I also got some fabric too. I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted, but I think this could be nice:

It’s nice soft cotton. All I need to do now is learn how to sew! Oops. Maybe I’ve jumped ahead of myself a bit… Anyone know how to sew?? 😀

Good knitting!


3 Responses to "Fickleness"

We can learn to sew together! I have a machine, but am still scared of it, lol.At least the socks fit Alice. I'm sure she was happy, even if you weren't. 🙂

It's the Nutkins; read the comments on it on Rav… I'm just finishing my second Nutkin toe-up, but I made sure I increased for the leg, and tried them on as I went. They're still tight, but fit ok once over my heel. Just the non-stretchy pattern, I think. Mine are brown, too, but Jasmine isn't getting them. She gets too much of my knitting as it is! hehe.

Bah, who needs to know how to sew? Or how to read a sewing pattern, for that matter? You design your own sweaters, for goodness' sake! You can totally figure that top out.

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