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How was your WWKIP?

Posted on: June 14, 2011

I had a ball at WWKIP last Saturday. There was a fantastic turnout, I was shocked! It was great to see so many knitters, and to catch up with friends. As usual, I brought my camera but only took about 4 photos which turned out really badly. Sigh.

I really struggled to pick a kipwip beforehand. I went up to my yarnrobe and stuck in my hand. This is what came out:

I bought this yarn last year in Sip & Knit in Florida. I’m not really sure why I did, I’m not the worlds biggest fan of tweed, let alone tweed sock yarn. Remember the clown vomit incident? Yeah. So I’ve no idea why I chose this one. I consulted the knitty oracle that is Twitter to find out what I should make with it, and Multnomah (Ravlink) emerged. I knit about 4 rows of it at WWKIP and decided it wasn’t for me. Too much counting to do! It’d never work for chatting. So what to do now?

Plain socks. That always works. Or does it? One side looks nice:

The other? Not so much. I don’t like the stripes. Sigh again.

But, I’ve started so I’ll finish. Maybe they’ll turn out better once I turn the heel, and I can make sure the weird stripes are to the back of the socks.

Some stash enhancement happened on the day too:

Mmm yummy Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton. This is Knit had a special offer on World Wide yarns on the day, so how could I resist? I’ve no idea what to make with them, but I fell for the colour. I think I’m having a green phase.

Some other knitting is taking place too:

I’m making a hot water bottle cover. That’s a teddy bear. I don’t know why. I’m making it with the recommended yarn, Lion Brand Homespun that I got in Florida too. It’s YUK.

I suppose it doesn’t look too offensive in the picture, but see the strand of yarn? It’s twisted really loosely around a central thread, and it puckers up on itself all the time, resulting in lumps of twisty yarn. It also squeaks like a mother. The worst part? You see in the first picture there’s three different bottle covers, a bear, ladybird and turtle? Yeah. I bought enough Homespun to make them all. Help.
Another thing about the yarn. Homespun? I think that gives spinners a bad name. Like they’d churn out stuff like this. Ugh.

In other knitting, I finished one Waving Lace Sock!

I’m pleased about this wip. So that’s something! Once I finish my kipwip then I’ll do the second one as a reward.

There’s loads of other knitting going on, in case you think I didn’t have enough wips! It’s wip city round here. I can’t show them though, they’re all sooper seekrit baby knits for the TON of pregnant friends I have right now. I’m becoming more and more convinced that someone added something to the water here. They’re springing up everywhere!

Good knitting!


3 Responses to "How was your WWKIP?"

The Home Spun always makes me smile – one of my first projects was a cardigan in a rose colored yarn – by Home Spun. Heedless of the gauge I cast on and was far too deep in it to stop. I sent it to my girlfriend who reported her husband asked who had knit her a bathrobe. I have a picture of her Dad – who is 6'4" modeling it – and it hangs past his knees! So I learned my lesson about doing the swatch whether you like it not.

I didn't get to KIP at ALL, boo hiss!!! Unless knitting while the kids are making a mess (aka "crafting") counts? 🙂

Yarnrobe? I love that! Did you make it up? I have a lot of 'Homespun' that I guess I can donate. It's not my favorite either.

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