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Early Birthdays are Great

Posted on: June 19, 2011

Yesterday was my early birthday. It’s a bit of a tradition here, if your birthday is in the middle of the week, then it’s celebrated at the weekend to make the most of it. It all started with Alice, so we wouldn’t have her sugared up during the week.
My birthday is technically not till Wednesday, but yesterday was the day we partied. It was BRILL. It’s not a “big” birthday, but OMG the amount of pressies I got! I’m so spoiled.

Hubby & Alice made me this card:

Outer space sheep! Love it. It was so funny hearing them whispering in the kitchen when making it. It sounded like there were some “creative differences” going on.

On to the pressies! First is a cuddly sheep for my desk. Notice a theme?

Hubby is great at getting little nonsense pressies all through the year and hiding them away. Actually, he’s a bit TOO good at it, if you know what I mean. I reckon he could have another woman stashed away and I’d never know, he’s so good. Anyway, I got a few silly things, this being the best of the bunch. Swimming sheep for the bath!:

On to the cake. Another thing he bought ages ago & hid away. Sheep cake tins!:

And the resulting cake, with cream cheese frosting. OMG, this was no NOM! Although it felt really weird chopping of it’s head. Alice ate it with no problem though!

Now on to the meat of the present sandwich. Books. Lots of knitty books. First, A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen:

Knitting Plus by Lisa Shroyer:

Brave New Knits by Julie Thurjoman:

And this one. This one should have a choir of angels sound effect. I have been so excited to get this since I first heard about it. I present, NEW EZ:

I am positively giddy with excitement. I was to knit ALL the things, now. I foresee a summer of garter stitch ahead of me! I promise to do a review of it very soon.

What a haul of books & pressies, no? Any girl would be over the moon. I am. But it doesn’t end there. My mobile phone literally fell apart the other day. I mean literally. Springs and bits of plastic just fell out, and it won’t turn on. I’ve lost all my contacts. 😦 I was surprised how bereft I was without my phone, especially considering it was as old as I am (no, I’m not telling you) and did nothing except call & text. I didn’t think I used it that much. So, hubby got me this:

SQUEE! An iPhone4! I can’t believe it. I can haz interwebz everywhere! Twitter in work! Oh yeah. 😀

So, last night, I popped onto the internet to see what kind of case I could get for it. I happened upon CaféPress and found a TON of knitty cases. I settled on this one delivered to my door for a mere $31!

Isn’t it great? I love it. Until it arrives, I have started on making a temporary snuggly home for it, to protect from scratches & my general all round clumsiness:

Just a basic tube with garter & stocking stitch using Wendy Happy Bamboo.

And the final pressie? This birthday just keeps on giving, doesn’t it? This one is ACE:

Whee! I’m going to see my fave, Paul Simon tomorrow night in a really small intimate theatre here in Dublin. I have no idea why he’s playing such a small venue, he filled our largest theatre the last time he played. I know, I was there. I ADORE Paul Simon, and try to never miss him when he comes. Tickets for this tiny gig sold out in 4 minutes. Yes. 4. And hubby made sure to get two tickets for me. Awwww.

Thanks hubby! What an amazing birthday! It’s Fathers Day today, I must make sure to spoil him as much.

Good Knitting!


13 Responses to "Early Birthdays are Great"

What a haul! I'm v jealous! As @Sheknitupthat said, you'll have to review the EZ book for us. I'll be looking fwd to seeing some cool new FOs. Have a great time at the concert and happy early birthday!

I cannot believe how much you got! Lucky! Happy Birthday!

Can't believe how great you did on your birthday – lucky! Happy Birthday

First off; Happy Birthday to You !!! Wow, I mean WOW ! All of that for one person ! Amazing and wonderful for you. What great gifts. Enjoy your day and the Paul Simon concert !

Surely that must be the best selection of birthday goodies ever! Hope the concert is brill and the day itself on Wednesday too.

Amazing! Got to love that sheep cake 🙂 And most importantly: Happy birthday!

Sheepwise, my vote goes to the scuba diving sheepie. Giftwise my vote goes to the iPhone 4 (can't wait to see that up close!) and knitwise, there ain't nothing better than a new EZ! Can't wait to get my copy.BTW, my hubby's birthday also on Wednesday. Hope you both have a great day.

Truly an embarrassment of riches!! Happy happy Birthday! I can't wait to see all the yummy things you make with your new haul! 😀

Ooh, lovely gifts! But then, you're such a lovely woman 🙂 Happy Birthday!

WOW!!! Love everything you got!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! I TOTALLY love the swimming sheep!!!!

Oh WOW! Now that's a birthday. What a lucky girl you are! Happy Birthday (need I say it). That's enough joy to last you all week long and more. Love the little Shaun the Sheep swimming toy. He's one of my favourite kids shows. He he. And the iphone…dreamy. I'd love to have one like that, you know, that takes good pics, free FB access and so much good stuff. Wow. I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy the books too. I suspect I'll see projects from them soon enough. Oh, I love the phone cover too. Ha ha. So perfect. ^^

A very belated happy birthday! (Not sure how I missed it at the time!). And thank you so much for mentioning the cafe press site… I've a happy evening ahead of me looking for iphone cases for my poor neglected phone that has been dropped once too often already!

I'm with Viola–very belated, and wondering how I missed this post. However, glad you had a lovely birthday. I think a girl deserves to be spoiled once in a while. (I also think that there's nothing like a homemade birthday cake, especially when it's sheepy with cream cheese icing–yum!) Hope you had a wonderful time seeing Paul Simon. My eldest daughter turned 24 on the 21st. My joke is that June 21st is the longest day of the year, and that year it really felt like it!

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