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HandmAid Craft Day

Posted on: August 13, 2011

Some lovely Dublin knitters have decided to host a craft day in aid of famine relief in the Horn of Africa. They’ve put tons of work into it so far. Check our their website here. The craft day will be on Saturday September 3rd, in the Damer Hall on St. Stephens Green, Dublin.

And… I’ll be teaching a class! I still can’t quite believe it to be honest. They asked, and I couldn’t refuse for such a good cause.

I’ll be teaching a class in the afternoon on card making. More specifically, how to make this card:

This is called a step card, and it’s really easy to do, but looks very effective. I hope to make up a few more samples to give you an idea of how versatile it is.

So, please go and sign up for one of the classes. They’re only €10 (which is nothing) and all funds are going to an extremely good cause.


3 Responses to "HandmAid Craft Day"

It's beautiful! Have fun teaching the class!

Looks great! I did think of you as soon as I saw that a card class was available. Don't think I can make it on the day, but will be donating some stuff.Have fun!

That a wonderful cause to help out on. Wow do I love your cards! They are beautiful and YES I would absolutely purchase them !

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