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An Ethereal Girl

Posted on: September 7, 2011

“Some boys kiss me
Some boys hug me
I think they’re ok
If they don’t buy me lots of yarn
Then I just walk away”
I couldn’t resist the pun on Madonna’s Material Girl. Sorry.

Hot off the needles, it’s finished! The Ethereal top is finished!

What’cha all think? I’m not wild about it, but I guess it’s ok. It looks nothing like I had planned it to.
The sleeves are shorter, the body is much more fitted and there’s no real stitch pattern to speak of.
Pattern Deets:
I used the basic instructions from Barbara Walkers Knitting From The Top and  the rest just kind of evolved as I went along. It has a square neck, and I tried to give it an empire waistline. I placed a couple of rows of purl stitches in two bands under the bust to create that and mirrored it at the hem and sleeve ends. Then I increased both sides every 5th round to make it flare out a bit. It’s a good thing I did, otherwise it would have been too tight!
Overall, I suppose it’s ok, but I’m a bit disappointed if I’m honest. I should be happy as I really did wing it, and it could have been so wrong, but I had hoped it would be a bit more flattering.

Whatever the result, it’s ready in time for me to wear to the yarn tasting tomorrow night at This Is Knit. It’s going to be so much fun! Samples of all the new season yarns, chatting with the girls, the book launch of Carol Feller‘s new book Contemporary Irish Knits, an appearance by Kate Davies the designer of the famous Owls sweater and the gorgeous Paper Dolls and special offers & prizes! I cannot wait.

Good Knitting!

6 Responses to "An Ethereal Girl"

HA HA HA HA An Etheral Girl! Ya kill me hon!Firstly I think that it looks very good on you and I love the square neck and waist flare, both very flattering options. Secondly the small gauge and fine fabric gets my vote.Thirdly, it's a really great result for a 'winging it' adventure and the colour is ace.A Yarn Tasting seems like a good venue to road test a new design. I predict you'll be happier about it tomorrow evening. Wish I could be there.Enjoy!

The top looks great! :DLooking forward to seeing you and A tomorrow.

The sweater I finished for my cousin came out fine – except for the sleeves -they are HUGE bell sleeves. I tried foldng them back and sewing them, pulling it in tight. I couldn't pull them in any more or they would have been giant poofy sleeves. My cousin was a good sport and he modeled it for one picture – oh well, it's giving his teenage daughter hours of delight. She thought it was hilarious.

That top looked amazing on you last night! Hope you felt really confident and comfortable in it, because it really did look fabulous. Please write up the pattern for other sizes, I will test (and wear!).

Absolutely love it! It fits you really well and I love the way the sleeves are done – not quite sure why I like the sleeves so much, they just look really comfy 🙂

I think it looks great! And not to worry about the Madge pun: I spontaneously break into Def Lepard's Hysteria whenever someone mentions the Wysteria pattern, heh.

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