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Posted on: September 24, 2011

Welcome! Glad to see you all here in my new home. I hope you like it. Feel free to let me know what you think! Sadly I can’t change the template of the site very much, as it’s a site. If I ever get round to registering my own domain, then I’ll go for a hosted site and let lose the CSS!

At long last, I have the buttons on Alice’s Rossbeg, and the weather has been nice enough to take some photos!

Not Alice’s best pose, I have to say. I don’t know what she was doing with her face! But it’s all about the cardigan anyway. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Here’s the back:

A closeup of the sleeve and front:

And the yoke:

Pattern: Rossbeg by Carol Feller from Contemporary Irish Knits, size 10 years.

Yarn: Donegal Yarns Aran Tweed, 7 skeins

Needles: 5mm and 4.5mm


This took me a week to knit, and another week until I got the buttons! I think I put too many buttons on though, I think 8 is too many. If I were to do this again I’d probably only do 5 or 6. But, apart from that I think it’s perfect. It does fit Alice like a glove so I think she’ll only get this winter out of it. I better make sure she wears it all the time!


She loves it, I love it, so all is well in knitting land.


Good knitting!


6 Responses to "Rossbeg"

A *wwek* of knitting? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are a knitting machine! I had a favourite jumper knit by my mum when I was about Alice’s age. When I outgrew it she knitting it again in a bigger size and in a different colour 😀 Just a suggestion…

Alice’s sweater is amazing! It really is beautiful. You are quick, too! Let me know how you like this platform. My daughter is a big blogger (in my mind anyway!) and she switched from Blogger to WordPress. She has her own domain now so I don’t know if she’s still there or not. Anyway, she said both have their pros and cons. I’ve got you down so I won’t lose you!

How splendid! It is absolutely gorgeous and she looks a doll in it. You did a great and FAST job with it. Love love love.

A. Looks great in her new Cardigan! I can’t believe it only took you a week to knit. A week! You’ve got to share your secret..

No secret really, I just neglect the housework! 🙂

LOVE the cardigan!!!!!

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