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What a weekend

Posted on: October 2, 2011

What a weekend. And it’s not over yet. Almost, but not quite.

Where shall I start?

Recently, a filling in a tooth that I had a root canal in fell out, and I procrastinated as only I can. I am terrified of dentists. Not nervous, but paralysing, all-encompassing fear that makes me want to wet my pants. I’ve always been that way since I was small and had 7 teeth removed under general anaesthetic in hospital. I remember them sitting on me to keep me still and putting a mask over my face. I was so scared. When I woke up I was vomiting blood for hours afterwards. Not a nice memory, and it’s left me with this paranoia.

I was having some pain, so I decided to put on my big girl panties and make an appointment. I got a slot at 8.20 yesterday morning. 8.20! On a Saturday! Jeez. I went along, shaking in my boots. The dentist is a reall lovely guy, very personable. He had one look and said “Mmm” behind his mask. I knew it wasn’t good. Apparently the tooth beside the root canal one was badly decayed, and that’s why my filling fell out. Cue 2 hours of intense dental work with mad spikes sticking out of my mouth (that have left friction burns on my lips) and what he termed “major construction work” with pins etc. 2 HOURS. I’m glad in a way that I didn’t know what was coming or I would have run out of there pronto. The end result is that my calf and arm muscles are aching from clenching for the whole time I was there, and MAJOR pain in my jaw and teeth from the building work.

Afterwards, I still had to go round to Mam & Dad and make dinner, clean etc for them and bring Mam to the hairdressers, all whilst in agony. I have antibiotics and major painkillers now, but to be honest, it’s still very sore. Poor me. 😦

To try and take my mind off it, I have been knitting, of course. 🙂

Progress on my Decimal cardigan:

Decimal Cardigan

I’ve joined the body and sleeves and am powering along on the raglan decreases. It’s ok, I guess. Not great, but ok. It’s a real fudge job. I’m not sure just how it’s going to finish up yet. I really hope it fits!

This morning, I was watching the rugby  world cup (GO IRELAND, into the quarter finals!) and it just occured to me that my friends little girl is 1 on Tuesday! Oh noes, I have nothing knit! I was going to give up, but Twitter convinced me I could do something. A quick Rav search later, and off I went.

Just about 3 hours later I had this!:

Baby Hat

Pattern: BabyDROPS 17-19 by Garnstudio DROPS design (another imaginative title). I made the 1yr size.

Yarn: Mirasol Tupa, about 3/4 of a skein.

Needles: 3.5mm and 4mm dpns.

Thanks to Otto the bear, for modelling what is clearly a too-big hat. It’s a nice cheerful coloured hat, I hope it fits! I think it looks a bit big, but I forget how big babies heads are. Now all I need to do is make a card to match and get the parcel in the post in the morning…

So there you have it, an eventful weekend!

Good knitting!


7 Responses to "What a weekend"

Oh wow that’s a hard thing to happen… I hate it when my teeth play up. I don’t like dentists (though my one recently is great) but I really used to hate them. Found a good dentist in town and go to them.

You poor thing, I don’t like the dentist either but you sound like you grappled with a real phobia there. And still went on to do your caring for your parents! You really are super woman, I hope you have some treats lined up for yourself now.

I have an unnatural fear of the dentist too, so I really feel for you! Sending lots of sympathy your way.

Oh poor you, I saw some of your tweets but didn’t realise it was so series.

Sending sympathy your way; what a trooper to keep going despite that pain. And good on you for facing your fear.

The knits are looking good too!

The dentist scares me really badly. I hope your feeling much better now.

Poor you! I had almost the same experience last year, ugh, wouldn’t wish it on anyone! I hope the meds and your knitting can take your mind off of it.

Your cardi looks fabulous.

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