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Posted on: October 11, 2011

Sigh. I had an ominous feeling, that Decimal wasn’t working out. Sadly, I’ve been proven right. It doesn’t fit.


It’s too small. I can’t describe how gutted I am. I really wanted to wear this on my holidays 😦

I wonder could I rescue it? There’s no way I’m ripping it back, that just ain’t gonna happen, so the only thing I can think of is to add a really wide button band.  What do you think? What stitch should I use? I think regular ribbing would unbalance the whole thing. How about a big wide garter stitch band? I’m desperate for some help!

I was so sad last night when I cast off and tried it on, but I knew it wasn’t working. I guess I was in decimal denial.


9 Responses to "Decimated"

make two panels instead of button bands, and copy the lace ribbing pattern for them. sew onto the sides.
you poor thing 😦 I’m sure it will be beautiful no matter how you fix it, because you have that lovely dress to match it.

This is cotton, yes? Will soaking & blocking the hell out it help? I agree w/ R. Make additional panels in pattern.

I’m afraid I don’t have any advice but I will send wine…

feck, not good, I think Laura is wise!

oh no, there is nothing worse. i agree with extra panels or maybe u could run a small lace band around the edge? its a tough one

Yup. Agree with extra panels with the lace pattern from the edging maybe? They could be overlapping, like the front of Iced and integrated into a collar.

No. No frogging. Definitely a rescue is possible. Good luck!

Hi Sinhead! (Hope I got your name right)
Could I please take to you about Elizabeth Zimmermann? I need your help. You certainly have the book (Knit one knit all).
Heidi in Munic

Could you check your stash for lighter weight yarn in a contrasting / complimentary colour which could be used either for a panel or a ruffle. One suggestion is that if life is busy at the moment, pack it will all the associated yarn and look at it again when you have had a few days to chill out.

Oh no! And it looked so good, too.

Did you make a decision on whether to add panels, wide band or something else? So sorry.

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