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Is it Saved?

Posted on: October 14, 2011

I deliberated and cogitated on the Decimal debacle, and finally decided to take the lazy way out and try a moss stitch border. I just couldn’t bring myself to knit two more panels and seam them onto the edges.

So, dear reader, I need your opinion. Please be honest, don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Is it saved?

Decimal Cardigan

Bear in mind that I haven’t cast it off yet, hence the squiggly edges. I also intend to block the living daylights out of it.
The back view:

Decimal Cardigan

I’ve tried it on with the dress I specially made it for, so you can see the intended effect.

So, give it to me straight. Is it saved or should I scrap it?


15 Responses to "Is it Saved?"

It’s saved! I love it. Just do more moss st

That, m’dear, is 100pc saved. Gorgeous work. I understand your concerns but I think you did a great job in rescuing the situation.

Wonderfully saved! Lovely.

Definitely saved – if you’re happy to leave it open. It looks great. Love the colour.

It looks great to me! I really like it with the dress. It looks fine open. If you decided later you didn’t want it open you could add more border, right? Keeper!!!

Yes, definitely saved! I think it looks great.

Definitely saved! Looks great!

Looks saved to me :). From your photos, I don’t think you need to block the back any bigger but maybe you could open out the fronts a bit while blocking – but it is fine the way it is. Looks gorgeous with the dress.Definitely keep it.

That’s a save. And lovely dress too. Maybe add a smidge more border?

Love the fact that the photo shows you with a ball of wool in your hand. That’s a real knitter’s pic!

It is definitely saved, love the dress!!!!Great job Sinead

Just adding my “absolutely yes saved” to the cacophony of compliments!

It looks great. Lovely colour and great with the dress. That’s a great sleeve length too, and one you hardly ever see on shop-bought cardis for some reason. Just noticed I put great three times in the first line – oh well, that’s what X Factor night does to your brain!

Absolutely saved, the colour is perfect with the dress and the cardi is dressy enough yet simple and classic all at the same time. Gorgeous!

I say saved, just don’t try to close it LOL :D. No really, looks very nice.

Since it’s not yet blocked, I say yes. I don’t know what ideas you had for a closure, though — shawl pin? Buttons? It looks great, Sinead.

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