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Posted on: October 17, 2011

Thanks so much to all of you who commented here, or tweeted me to let me know about the cardigan. I really appreciated all the advice you gave!

Here it is in all its blocking glory:

Decimal CardiganI managed to plough on and do another bit on the moss stitch border before I cast off. I used an icord cast off to neaten the edges, as a sewn cast off just looked scruffy.  The icord cast off took me almost 3 HOURS to do. Jesus. But, it’s worth it I think.  This is just a taster photo, I plan on getting some action shots in the Florida sunshine!

As the post title says, I’m getting ready for my holidays. Only two more workdays to go! I’m ridiculously excited, you’d swear I’d never been before. I’ve loads still to do, nothing is packed and my cart is only half full on Knit Picks and WEBS. But, like any self-respecting knitter, I have priorities. What am I going to knit on the plane?

Cue two hours this evening rooting through my yarn robe and flicking through pattern books. I’ve decided to make myself a cheerful pair of socks this year:

Wedge Socks

I’m going to make Wedge socks, from Knit. Sock. Love. by CookieA. The lusciousness that is the skein of yarn is one of my all time favourite sock yarns, Pagewood Farms Chugiak. Mmmm. I think they are a match made in sock heaven.

While I was busy engaging in yarn p0rn selecting my yarn & pattern, Alice came into the room all upset. It seems she’s picked up on the vibes around my parents recently (things haven’t been going smoothly, to say the least) and she was all upset about it. Poor thing. So, to cheer her up I asked if she’d like a pair of socks too. She was thrilled and set to the task with gusto.

This is what she’s picked:

Waffle House Socks
She’s calling these socks Waffle House Socks. (Guess where she liked to eat last year)! And this is the yarn she chose:

Knit Picks Imagination Pixie DustKnit Picks Imagination yarn in Pixie Dust. I should have seen that one coming!

So, now I have two pairs of socks to knit on holidays. I know this ain’t gonna happen, I’m lucky to get one sock done. But, I did get a pair done last year, so you never know. All the more reason to sit by the pool, I guess. 🙂

I may dip in & out of the blog during my holidays, but it’s probably best to say buh-bye for the next 3 weeks or so. I will be on Twitter, however, you can’t keep me away from there!


Good knitting!


6 Responses to "Getting Ready"

Oooh – I just made a Thermis, which is a waffle stitch pattern variant. I thought I was being very clever by picking a knit in the round pattern, but then I realized that waffle stitch is really just rows upon rows of ribbing, which completely kills all the advantages of knitting in the round.

Still, it knit up lovely (used some handspun my auntie made) – so stretchy and soft!

Hope you have a super holiday. The freezing rain at the moment is to help you appreciate it even more and make us extra jealous! Both sock pairs look gorgeous!

Ya! Delighted you steamed ahead with the cardi, it really is gorgeous with that dress. Am so jealous of your hols!

Have a wonderful time. Knit. Don’t worry. Knit some more.

jealous (1000)

Ah poor Alice, it must be hard on her. But LOVE the socks that she picked, and especially the yarn!

I hope you all have a FAB vacation! Love the sock colors.

Hope things get better with your parents soon.

And can’t wait to see model shots of your cardigan!

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