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Motivation Removal

Posted on: November 21, 2011

It seems that I’ve had a motivation removal recently. I just don’t seem interested in blogging, tweeting or posting on Ravelry. I suppose it’s just post-holiday blues. I dunno.

What I do know  is that I’ve lots of knitting to do and I can’t afford to slack off on it now!

Christmas (panic) knitting is in full swing here. I’ve a list as long as my arm of projects to do, and sod all time to do it!

First up is most important.
Alice's LBD Shrug

Alice got a Little Black Dress for Christmas, and needs a shrug to go over it, as I mentioned in my last post. Well, here goes! The pattern is Dundee Hills Shrug (Ravlink) by Adrienne Enriquez. So far it’s going well, and Alice loves the sequins. A proper party shrug.

I’m also hoping to make her a couple of knitty surprises too. First up is something she’s wanted for ages, a Sock Monkey. I know, I know, it’s toy knitting. But how can I refuse her?

I can only knit this at night time once she’s gone to bed, but it’s going really quickly. I cast on last night and am flying along. When I was about halfway through the first leg, I stopped to check my progress:

Sock Monkey Leg

I don’t know what you’re seeing, but it’s a sock monkey leg! 😉

Here’s where I am so far:

Sock Monkey Body

It’s going swimmingly I think. I asked hubby to pick me up some toy stuffing today, and he couldn’t get any at the craft store, so being the ingenious person he is, he went to the Bear Factory, and got a whole bag from them! For Free! Clever hubby.

I’ve a pattern for a matching baby monkey too that I’ll make if I have enough yarn left over. I also hope to make some more beatr clothes for her if I can.

So for the next few weeks, I fully expect panic stations to be in full swing. What are you knitting for Christmas?


4 Responses to "Motivation Removal"

I’ve had a bit of motivation removal too, I think the dark weather isn’t helping…

We’ll probably all be in a panic together!! Your lack of motivation is sure producing more than mine! 🙂

How nice of the Bear Factory! Alice’s shrug looks very glamorous. I’m knitting socks for my husband for Christmas; the kids get knits all year round whether they want them or not!

I’m knitting a shawl for my MIL and a Cardigan/hat/ mitten set for one of my nephews that is super cute! That’s it for the moment, but as Christmas gets closer I know I’m going to be adding to the list rather than taking anything off it.

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