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Last minute madness

Posted on: December 20, 2011

Like everyone, I’ve been in the midst of some last minute Christmas gift knitting. Only 4 more days left to finish!

I’m done now, though. No-one wanted any garments this year (boo hubby, no sweater and Dad no scarf/gloves/anything) so I had to put on my thinking cap in order to have something knitted for a gift.

Bingo! Alice loves knitted things. I’ve already made her a Sock Monkey, but I wasn’t stopping there.

Meet Otto:

This bear has an interesting tale to tell. When I bought my car in 2009, hubby was bargaining negotiating on my behalf. He has a gift for getting a good deal, I have to say. I should hire him out as a negotiator to be honest. Anyway, there he was negotiating and the salesperson was being a bit sticky about the price. Hubby always has to have the last word when it comes to a deal, so he says to the salesperson, I’ll shake your hand on the price if you throw in the cuddly toy in the display cabinet at the front door (There was a cabinet that sold merchandise for Saab cars, which I wasn’t buying). I nearly died with embarrassment! Here I am, buying my swanky car and he’s trying to get a free teddy! Alice, of course, was mad excited. How could the salesperson say no after him saying it in front of her? So, I left with a car and Alice left with a teddy.
She thought and thought about what to call him, and settled on Otto when I told her that Saab cars were from Sweden, as she thought it sounded Swedish. Go figure.

I decided he needed a jumper, so I whipped this one up. This is from the Knitting Pattern a day calendar that I got last year for Christmas. I used it before earlier this year to make a sweater for Ben for Alice’s birthday.

I used nondescript acylic for this. I think he looks rather spiffing.
Another story about this pattern. (I’m full of stories today!) I couldn’t find it. Anywhere. I bemoaned my fate on Twitter, and a lovely knitter came to my rescue and sent me their copy! How lovely is that. Knitters are great, and twitter knitters are even greater!

Not content with the sock monkey and the sweater, I found a kit to make this Hello Kitty Hat that I’d bought ages ago and set to it.

It’s ok, I guess. Not great, but ok. At least it’s recognisable as Hello Kitty. Isn’t it? Poor Kitty. Maybe she needs to go to the kitty farm in the sky…

Good (last minute) knitting!


1 Response to "Last minute madness"

I love teddy’s sweater, and the story behind it! And Hello Kitty hat is cute. I definitely see HK in it.

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