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2011 Round-up

Posted on: December 31, 2011

It’s New Year’s Eve. Not my favourite night of the year by any means. I hate the pressure to “have fun” and celebrate. As someone with no babysitter, I can never go out anyway. Plus there’s nothing on the telly. I usually end up in bed long before midnight.

One good thing about it is the ability to look back on the year and see what you’ve achieved.

But first, let’s get an FO out of the way, shall we?

Pattern: Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark (Ravlink)
Yarn: Lang Jawoll Sock
Needles: 2.5mm dpns

I’m ashamed to say it took me 6 months to make these socks. According to Ravelry I cast on for these on June 1. That’s shocking. It’s a lovely pattern to knit, the pattern repeat is easy to remember.

During the week I paid a visit to The Constant Knitter‘s new shop which opened only a week or so ago. It’s a lovely space and when completely finished it will be fantastic. There’s a great room upstairs that’s full of natural light, it will be perfect for classes. She has her usual selection of Garnstudio yarns, and a few others, too. While I was there drinking tea & eating cake, some yarn fell into my bag. Quite by accident 🙂

The first one was two skeins of Garnstudio Drops Andes:

And the second was one skein of this gorgeous Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé:


Now, on to the knitty roundup!

I have a total of 36 FOs for this year:

Hat: 3 Cowl: 1 Socks: 7(!) Teddy clothes: 3
Shawl: 2 Scarf: 3 Cardigan: 2 Toy: 1
Baby: 7(!) Accessories: 4 CorchetL 1 Sewater: 1 Shrug: 1

Phew! I had no idea I’d made so many things, or so many socks! I had a fair inkling about the baby stuff as so many people had new arrivals this year, but it’s still a lot for me. I’m quite pleased with myself. 🙂 I have 3 WIPs outstanding, the second Wedge sock, the second half of the Aeolian shawl and a pair of plain Jane socks that I cast on the other day for easy knitting to have with me when out & about.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2012 will be filled with more knitty goodness than ever.

Good knitting!


9 Responses to "2011 Round-up"

Wow, 36 FOs! You certainly put me to shame! And you finished something else in time for the last day of the year, phew.

I’m not a big New Year’s Eve party person, either. Even though we no longer need a sitter, it’s dangerous out there on Dec. 31st! I’m more than happy to stay in and have a quiet celebration.

Wow! You are one productive lady! I love the yarn, the green especially! I’m ashamed to say I didn’t keep count of what I’ve done this year. I started listing things and stopped sometime. I need to use Ravelry as it’s intended and put my projects up. I tried looking up a cowl I made and pictured on my blog and sure enough it was there but no information…what pattern was it anyway!? And socks…I’ve never made them and don’t really want to but I would like a pair really badly! Pretty dumb, huh, since I know I could do it!

Well, maybe I feel a resolution coming on…Ravelry upkeep…ha ha. Happy New Year!

Wow that’s a lot of FO’s ! Kudo’s to you ! I love the socks. They are beautiful. Love the yarn also. The Drops is very pretty but I’m in love with the Lang ! I have some Lang sock yarn that I may knit up in 2012. New Years Eve hasn’t been a big deal with me for years now. It’s the day after. I’m having guests over for New Years Day ! — Enjoy your evening.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve either, but I do enjoy a quiet and convivial night with family and friends when possible. On that note, me and Mr Jools Holland wish you a wonderful & knitterly 2012.

PS: he’s not knitting. I am.

Wow fair play on all those WIPs but then you ARE a machine!
Love the yarn that followed you home from The Constant Knitter. I didn’t realise she had Lang Jawoll, one of my favourite sock-yarns tho I haven’t seen this variety before.
Love the socks. That pattern has Bern in my queue forever!
Here’s to happy knitting in 2012!

That is some body of work alright! Fair play to you. I wouldn’t want to count up my number of projects. My plan for 2012 is going to speed up my knitting.

36 FOs! Pretty prolific indeed! Looking forward to seeing what you entertain us with in the new year 🙂

Happy 2012! So many FOs, and that Jawoll yarn… looks like your knitting year had a good end – may 2012 be even better!

Jeez! & by WIPs I meant FOs! (what is with me? I keep doing that!…*wanders off muttering to self*…)

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