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Still on Shaky Ground

Posted on: January 22, 2012

My knitting mojo still appears to be a bit frail. Looks like it’s going to take a bit longer to recover than I expected. After my last disaster challenge with the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, I was damaged goods. I faffed about, looking at my stash and sighing wistfully, not knowing quite what to do next.

Hubby decided he’d had enough and took my under his wing. Off up to the yarnrobe we went, and he selected a skein of yarn and pattern for me to make some socks, as, according to him, “Socks look like they make you happy”. Aw.

This is the yarn he picked, one I bought only recently. Zitron Unisono. Yum yarn, that has aloe vera and jojoba in it for your hands (and feet I guess).

On a totally irrelevant side note, am I the only one who when they see aloe vera written, pronounce it in an east End London accent kinda like “Allo, Vera”? Oh. I am. Ok then. *cough* moving on swiftly.

The pattern he picked is In & Out Socks by Cookie A (Ravlink) again, because he says Cookie A socks make me happy. He knows me too well.

So, off I went. I was enjoying myself as I went along, thinking that a project like this was just what I needed. Had I broken the mojo curse? No, it appears not. Well, it’s not confirmed yet, but I think it’s looking likely. I was adding the project to Ravelry after knitting it a bit, and I noticed it says the yarn has only 328 yards! Huh? Who in  Gods name sells sock yarn with 328 yards? I paid $26 for that skein. I have to say I think that’s a bit meany pants yardage. Anyway, I just BET I’m not going to have enough yarn now. So, dear blog pals, what do I do? Not rip back, of course, no. That would spell the end for my mojo altogether I think. I’m more in need of emergency mojo surgery. I figure my options are

1. Ignore the elephant in the room and keep going in the hopes I’ll have enough yarn.

2. Rip back to the heel and do the heel flaps and toes in a contrasting colour.

3. Just do the toes in a contrasting colour.

4. Rip the whole sodding lot back, have a temper tantrum and move onto something else while my mojo gasps its last breath.

In the meantime,  I’m going to swatch for something else until I calm down.

Yep. My much longed for Draped Cardigan from Vogue Knitting winter 2010/11. Using the recommended Berroco Ultra Alpaca, in the same colour as the magazine.

Pea soup in all its glory. Mmm. I can’t wait. Pleasepleaseplease let this work out!


In other news, my promotion interview draws ever closer. Next Wednesday at 2pm is D-day. I have so much prep to do, it’s scary. But, where do I find myself instead of practising? Yep, on here. Writing a post. At least I know I’ll look good even if I talk rubbish. I have my brand new dress, killer heels and best of all, a new hairdo! I got scalped yesterday. About 3 1/2″ off so that now I have a nice shoulder length bob type do. It’s quite nice I think. Very business like. So wish me luck!


Good knitting!


10 Responses to "Still on Shaky Ground"

Ooh the draped cardigan! It’s going to be gorgeous. As for the socks- knit to the toe then weigh the remaining yarn to see if there’ll be enough for sock two and if there’ll be enough for both toes. I think it will be fine, maybe with a different toe 🙂

Good luck in the interview. You’ll knock their socks off.

Good luck with the interview! As for the socks, I know what I’d do – I’d blindly knit on, hoping against hope that I’d make it. Though we all know what can happen if we do.. Love the colour of the yarn.

I’d be pretty upset at that sock yardage, too. I have tiny feet and I don’t even know if that would be enough yarn for me. Maybe finish the first, weigh it and then weigh what you have left to see if it’s enough?? I hate to see good work go down the drain.

That cardi is awesome. If I were taller, I’d love to knit that.

Well, my dear, first of all we need to see your hairdo!!!! Secondly, good luck on the promotion. Thirdly….if you are knitting two up and see that you are running out of yarn….stop around the ankle and make some cute ‘footies’ , they can still be worn. If you are knitting cuff down, um…just do the same thing….start at the ankle. 🙂 Happy Knitting.

If it were me, I’d knit on and buy a second skein if I had to. (Though at that price….well, maybe toes in a different color.)

Or….a second sock in a complimentary color! Whoowhoo!

Best of luck – feeling good about the way you look is half the battle to a good interview, I think!

Sorry to hear about your knitterly troubles. Fair-play to your hubby for trying to set you on the road again. I vote for 1 for now, weigh your remaining yarn & before you start the toe before deciding whether you need to knit the toe – or the toe & heel – in contrasting yarn.

Best of luck in your interview. I hope you ace them. It won’t be about whether or not you get the job but how well you feel you acquitted yourself on the day.

I would keep going on the socks too hoping I would have enough yarn (and you usually end up with leftover anyhow)
– can you get another skein? ( I always love when the solution involves more yarn!). Good luck on your interview and I’m so proud of you for quitting smoking – I quit close to 20 years ago so I can sympathize. Let me know if you need any advice.

The socks look so lovely. I think contrasting toes is the way to go, which has the bonus of no ripping back AT ALL.

Good luck on Wednesday.

Buy more yarn sounds good!

Otherwise, keep knitting until the yarn you have left is half a skein (50g). Then change to another color. It’s sport weight, though, so maybe you’ll make it. If not, the toes will be in the shoes.

And you can always leach out the color and/or overdye the finished socks to make them all one color.

Oh no, too bad with the yarn… I’d just do the toe in a different color.

Good luck with the interview!

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