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In & Out Update

Posted on: January 26, 2012

I finished the first In & Out sock the other day:

I’m quite pleased with it overall. I love the pattern on the foot and the charts look a lot more daunting than they really are. I do think the cuff is a bit loose though. I think that may be down to the ribbing that’s used to make it flow into the stitch pattern on the leg. Sometimes form can happen at the sacrifice of function 🙂

Of course, I was very concerned about whether I’d have enough yarn to do the second one! I decided to weigh the yarn just before I started the toe so that if I was running short I could switch to a different yarn. I had 54g left out of 100g, so all good I think. I must weigh it again now I’ve finished this one.

This is how much I have left for sock No. 2:

If I do run out however, all is not lost. I dived into my bag of tail ends leftover from other projects and found this Lisa Souza Sock! in Mulberry that I used eons ago to make Jared Floods fabulous Druid Mittens. I think it’ll do nicely if I get caught short.

I haven’t cast on for the second one yet, I got a bit waylaid with this:


ooh. Pretty. My preciousssss. This is the ribbing for the back of the Draped Cardigan I mentioned last post. It’s using Berroco Ultra Alpaca which is 50/50 wool and alpaca. Dreamy! I’m thoroughly enjoying this mindless meditation.

When I started this cardigan, I tweeted looking for suggestions on how to prevent that awful ladder that happens between the columns of knit and purl stitches in knitting. It always happens to me and drives me mad. The ever knowledgeable (and super talented designer) Carol came up with what I think is quite frankly a piece of knitting genius.

(These directions are for so-called ‘English’ knitting or throwing, not continental. I’ve no idea what the hell goes on with continental purling but it looks painful and complicated). Basically you wrap the purl stitch yarn the ‘wrong’ way around the needle. This uses less yarn so the stitches are tighter, and also twists the stitches. Make sure when on the next row that you knit the knit stitches through the back loops  to untwist them. I told you it was genius! Thanks Carol!

Look at my lovely ribbing. Sigh. Neat knitting makes me happy.

In other news, I had my interview yesterday, and I think it went well. I managed to answer all of their questions and get all the points across that I wanted to make. I gave a good account of myself, and I don’t think you can ask more of yourself really. Now all I have to do is wait till next Wednesday at the latest to find out if I’ve made it through to the second round. *taps foot impatiently*

As if the interview wasn’t enough to make anyone worn out, I totally forgot that I’d also made a dentist appointment for yesterday evening. I must be all kinds of mad for doing that. I was getting a crown done, so I was there for 2 1/2 hours. OMG so wrecked and sore. I came home and went straight to bed. Where I’ll be heading again very shortly, let me tell you. I’m exhausted!


Good knitting!


5 Responses to "In & Out Update"

I love the pink colour, it’s gorgeous!

I love the colour and the design is so intricate. I am not a sock knitter but these definitely make me want to knit socks

Best of luck with the next round — I’m sure you aced that interview!

*whew* So it looks like you’ll have enough yarn to finish your second sock. Yay!

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