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Stealth Startitis

Posted on: February 4, 2012

It’s amazing how startitis can creep up on you without noticing it, and before you know it, you’ve tons of wips on the needles. These last couple of  weeks have been a prime example.  I had nothing on the needles and then BAM!

Symptom No. 1: A pair of Plain Jane socks that I cast on for knitting during knit night. I had no intended recipient, but then my Dad saw them & commented that they were nice. Excellent! It’s his 89th birthday next month, so that’s his present sorted!

Symptom No. 2: My Draped Cardigan of gorgeousness. Mmm. I’ve finished the back already. It’s a lovely knit, even if I do keep torturing myself with the thoughts of sewing it all together at the end.

Symptom No. 3: My In & Out Socks. I’ve no picture of these, but I’ve finished the first sock and cast on for the second.

And finally, Symptom No. 4: Garter Ribbing Socks for hubbys birthday. I let him pick the pattern & yarn, as they are his birthday pressie, and this birthday is a special one. Being a leap year he gets to actually have a birthday!

So, Dr. Internet, what do you prescribe for a sudden but severe onset of startitis? I guess there’s no treatment other than knitting like mad. Here’s hoping I’m over the worst of it and don’t cast on anything else! Although, I have been feeling the lace urge again…. NO!  I must be strong!

In other news, I was working today (BOO) preparing for the Finance Bill next week. While I was at work, hubby & Alice were busy with the Lego:

A pretty cool castle, I think you’ll agree. Check out the drawbridge, it actually goes up & down so that marauders end up in the “murky moat”. My favourite is the expression on this guy’s face:

Heh. Smile while I shoot you with my deadly crossbow.

Speaking of Lego, I subscribe to the Lego magazine for Alice. This is what it normally looks like:

It came this week, but it was replaced with this:

(Pictures taken from

A load of sexist stereotypical crap called “Lego Girls”. Yeah. All girls want to build a beauty salon and play with hairdryers, handbags and puppies. GAH. Needless to say I rang them & told them to send me the regular one quick smart. “You mean the one for boys?” the person in the call centre said. “No, the one with actual Lego building in it”, I replied.

Good knitting!


8 Responses to "Stealth Startitis"

My lot did a Lego summer camp last summer! Loved it.

My two little boys will throw a royal fit over the Lego Girls magazine. Thank you for the head’s up. I really like the socks you are making for your husband–great pattern. What kind of yarn are you using?

i am seriously fighting the old startitis myself. i HAVE HAVE HAVE to finish a few things before anything new gets on the needles

Fair play to you for ringing. I can’t believe they said ‘the one for the boys?’. Too angry to type more.

Love the socks!

You’re flying with all those WIPs! Four on the go is nothing for you 😀
I’ll see up that green cardigan for you, if you like.
That Lego mag for girls annoys the crap out of me!

And by “see” I meant “sew”. Genuine offer. I love finishing.

Ah, sexism is alive and well all over the world, I see! lol. WHEN will this crap end??

I’d love to have startitis at this point, but mojo has disappeared again.

Lego girls? Bah!

Thanks for your comment over my way. It was published by Blogger but was deleted by Gmail. Sorry.

I hate computers!

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