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Leap Year Fail

Posted on: February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to hubby! He’s 11 today. Bless. Because he only has a “real” birthday once every 4 years, I try really hard to make it special. This year has turned out to be a total failure 😦

First, I decided to bake his favourite cake – Alton Browns cheesecake from Good Eats. Totally yum. It takes 3 1/2 hrs in the oven and overnight in the fridge, but it’s so worth it! I gathered all the ingredients and made the cake. I thought it had turned out perfectly, but when we cut it, it was softer than usual. I’d used single cream instead of double cream. Sigh. It still tastes yum, but it’s not perfect.

Next, I ordered him a box set of The Pacific online. Over two weeks ago. Did it arrive? Did it heck. I got home from work this evening to find the note from the postman that he had called and missed me. VanDammit. I drew him a picture of a war type scene with a palm tree island in the middle instead and he guessed what it was! I must be better at drawing than I thought.

Surely the next gift had to work out, right? The Garter Ribbing socks were flying along and he was really pleased with them. Then disaster struck. With 1 round to go before I started the second toe I ran out of yarn. This is a momentous occasion, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever run out. But a total bummer that it had to happen with these socks. I was disgusted. I bought the yarn in Florida in 2010, so I reckoned I’d never get more. I offered to rip back the first toe and make them both with contrasting yarn, but the look on his face didn’t seem happy about that. So I did what any self respecting knitter does, I prayed and consulted the for sale/trade page on Ravelry.

There it was! Someone had two skeins of it in the same dyelot for sale. I couldn’t believe it. It’s costing a bomb due to postage, but it’ll be worth it to get these socks done. Only problem is that the seller can’t post it until Saturday. Yet another present for hubby not completed.

Drastic action was called for:

I wrapped them up on the needles with a cute picture of some toes and grovelled.


He seemed happy with his unfinished socks, soggy cake and delivery leaflet with a doodle of the actual present. Bless. He’s so good. I, on the other hand am rubbish. I only had 4 years to plan for it!

Next time. Next time will be perfect.

Remember I said that hubby is really 11 today? Well. Alice is 11 next month, too! That surely wins me the prize for best cougar, I’m married to someone the same age as my child! Oh yes, I haz toyboy skillz.


8 Responses to "Leap Year Fail"

Oh, Sinead, I’m sorry but your post had me laughing. I’ll bet the cake was still good, who needs perfect? I’m sure your hubby had a great birthday…he’s mighty mature for 11. 🙂

Well it’s the thought that counts and you put huge effort and time and thought in. Loveky present.

It seems that it just wanted to frustrate you! I love the workarounds

You put so much thought and effort into his birthday and it sounds like he really appreciated it 😀

Oh well, his birthday will last longer as his presents will keep arriving!

I’m so sorry for your disappointments when you wanted all to be perfect! I bet the cheesecake was great. I’m so glad you found the sock yarn. That was lucky! And I’m sure he understands how the post can be. I bet that he wasn’t disappointed at all because he has you…the best present ever!!!

Ah yes, I too have been saved by the Rav Sell/Trade page 🙂 Glad it worked out, even though you weren’t able to finish them on time.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to se it there in the same dyelot! Once it arrives I can get those socks finished. Poor hubby. An almost-birthday pressie.

Hope all is well with you!


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