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Parcels, Parcels Everywhere!

Posted on: March 7, 2012

I love parcels, don’t you? That feeling of excitement when the postman hands you one and you retreat to the kitchen table with a cup of tea to relish opening it. Even if I know what it is, I still get a kick out of receiving them. It reminds me of when I was a kid, I had a penpal in the USA. When a letter would come to the house addressed to me I’d be so excited! Especially when it had a US postmark. It seemed so exotic and far away. Parcels still make me feel like that.

So this week was a good week. I got TWO parcels! The first one is an aid parcel, of sorts:

It’s the saviour sock yarn so I can finish hubbys birthday socks. This was posted from California only last Saturday and it arrived this morning. Now that’s quick service! I’ll have to get cracking and finish these now.

The second parcel arrived on Monday. In a HUGE sack:

What on earth could this be that required it’s own postage sack?




It’s this!

Ooh. The Principles of Knitting second edition by June Hemmons Hiatt. Ooh. Almost 650 pages of techniques and how-tos. Ooh. I have brought it to bed with me, even though it weighs a TON. My right bicep is going to be huge by the time I finish this mutha from holding it in bed! I’ve heard so much about this book that I think I’ve over-excited myself. I must be calm.


In other news, I’m off work now until Monday, y’all! Woohoo! Two whole weekdays by myself in the house while hubby is at work and Alice is at school. Whatever shall I do??? 🙂

Mam & Dad are going away for a couple of days on Sunday to a hotel in Gorey, Co. Wexford. Dad asked me if I would drop them to the train station. Not at all, I said, I’ll go one better and drive you there myself. (It’s about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs drive). Dad thinks I’m the best daughter ever now. Little does he know, I have a cunning plan. The road down to Gorey passes by The Yarn Room! Muhahahaha. I’m so clever I shock myself sometimes. Road trip!!!


Good knitting!


6 Responses to "Parcels, Parcels Everywhere!"

Hooray for parcels! I love getting post too. Even bills! Which is a bit sad 🙂 maybe if I’m very good you’ll let me look over your shoulder at the ultimate knitting book sometime?

You’re shockin’ clever you are. It’s scary really.

Gimme a shout on your way back from Gorey and we might meet up in the Yarn Room. Unless you’re making a midnight run back home of course. I’m guessing you’d have a more relaxed yarn visit on your way home when your precious parcels have been delivered to the Gorey hostelry so that might suit you.

Ha ha, love your “ulterior” motives in driving your parents out of town! Have a great time off — getting packages in the mail excite me, too.

That’s hilarious that the book required it’s own postal sack! Hooray for cunning plans.

I’m sharing your parcel excitement as I got some yarn in the post today too – woo hoo!

*Sigh* I miss parcels. Stupid budget… grumble grumble. I’ve heard tons about that book lately, including that it weighs a ton! 🙂

Aw, are you on a yarn diet? That sucks. I always find tons of things I want to buy when I can’t have them.

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