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Feathers and Doilies

Posted on: April 22, 2012

Look! Socks finished! Only about a month late 😉

Pattern: Ridged Feather Socks by Charlene Schurch from Sensational Knitted Socks

Yarn: Premier Yarns Serenity Sockweight (a total bargain at $1.50 a ball), a little over 1 skein

Needles:2.5mm dpns

Alice has big feet. And she’s not finished growing yet. I had to cast on 66 stitches to get these to fit, and her foot is now almost 8″ long! Bigfoot. I didn’t enjoy the heel for these socks, the forethought heel is not one I’ll be doing again. I think I’ll stick to my slip stitch heel flap in future.

I was filled with a burst of creativity during the last week or so. I wanted to knit a doily type coaster for my plant pots to sit on in the kitchen. I know, I thought. I’ll knit something lacy and base it on EZs Pi shawl. Perfect! Hmm, but what about an edging? I know! I’ll flick through Barbara Walkers Treasuries and find something nice. Which I did. The tulip-bud edging (which is leaves, if you ask me). lovely.

So I cast on and flew along on the Pi part. I kept it plain in the centre as it would be hidden by the pot anyway. Then I got to the edging. Sigh. I tried and tried but couldn’t convert the flat back and forth chart for the tulip bud edging to in the round. Each attempt sucked. I wondered if anyone else had trodden the path before, so I checked Ravelry. And found this: Apple Leaf Pi Cloth. The pattern cost a dollar. A dollar. Plans for design domination were quickly abandoned. I downloaded and cast on:

I’m almost done, and hope it turns out well. I think it will.

My second burst of inspiration comes from the hilariously deranged comedy show Psychoville.

Meet Mr. Jelly:

He’s a sick twisted kids clown who has a hook for a hand and generally terrorises kids while drunk. Absolutely hilarious.

He reminds me of this brilliant Walmart ad I saw a while ago and still makes me laugh:

I found this yarn in the yarnrobe and the first thing it reminded me of is clowns:

It’s Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in the Blue Flame colourway that I bought years ago. I plan on making some socks with a nod to Mr. Jelly. Watch this space!


2 Responses to "Feathers and Doilies"

What a scary freaking clown! Love those socks, Alice is a lucky girl to get them.

Love those ridged feather socks: great colourway.
I’m curious to see how the clown socks turn out.

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