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Frustration and Elation

Posted on: May 11, 2012

Frustration. I have it in spades. It’s been one of those fortnights full of woe.

Picture taken from

The clown socks died a death sadly. I decided the pattern just wasn’t showing properly with the madness that is the yarn colours. Wyvernfriend was her ever helpful self and suggested Aquaphobia socks.  I plugged away at it and finished the first sock:

Aquaphobia Socks
Meh. I’ve decided to rename this pattern “Tears of a clown” as I guess even clowns would cry at these. I think this yarn is so LOUD that nothing will save it.

On to Elation:

Picture taken from

I decided to cheer myself up with a visit to This Is Knit. Of course I couldn’t leave empty handed, could I? Let’s not mention stashdown ok?

A skein of Cushendale DK yarn for €3 on sale. €3. *bargain*

I’ve wanted to try Studio Donegal Soft Donegal yarn for a while, so I had to nab this lovely shade of grey:

Then I was  made to squish this. O.M.G. So soft! The photo sucks, I know, but the colour is like seawater. Just delicious stuff. MMMalabrigo Finito:

I remember seeing this cream in an old edition of Vogue Knitting and wanting it, so when I spotted it I had to try it. Knitters Hands:

I felt better afterwards.

Then, back to frustration:

A knitting machine! A Brother Convertible KX-395 to be precise:

Let me give you some background. My in laws were getting their attic insulated and came across it. Apparently my MIL and SIL bought it *many* years ago.

Cut to last Sunday when I was in said SILs house. My niece (her daughter) left for New York last Monday for a year and there was a little party as a send-off.  MIL mentions the machine and asks me if I want it. IF I want it? HELL YEAH! My mind was instantly full of visions of me knitting furiously and making my fortune selling the stuff or clothing vast swathes of premature babies. I couldn’t wait!

I dispatched hubby to my MILs the next day. It is in pristine condition, in it’s original box with the most hilarious 80s instruction video (Think fame, really bad music and batwing sweaters). I duly sat down and watched it. And tried the machine. And tried. And tried. AND TRIED. I CAN’T GET THE DAMN THING TO WORK PROPERLY.

Cue Hulk Rage:

It’s sitting in front of me right now, mocking me. With it’s promises of speedy knitting and snuggly preemie babies and oodles of cash.


Ooh! before I forget, I managed to snag the domain of for myself recently. If you want to update your readers etc, feel free! is owned by another power who don’t use it and won’t sell it to me 😦 Ah well, what can you do.


6 Responses to "Frustration and Elation"

Maybe the clown yarn would be a playful shawl? It’s pretty yarn! I have an old knitting machine I’ve thought about recently. I’m sure I’d get to it…someday! ha ha Oh, btw…it rained!

Wow, you have a lot going on there! But hey, socks are allowed to be loud 🙂 They don’t look all that bad to me.

I hope you’re feeling better by now! Though you do always take things with a great sense of humor. heh, your clown socks remind me of my clown socks some years back. It looks so nice and innocent in the skein! At least you got some new yarn to cheer you up, but that knitting machine, lol. Oh boy! Let’s hope those very 80s instructions finally make sense and you can figure it out. 🙂

Also, I tried to subscribe to your new feed and it doesn’t seem to be working. ??

Hi, I think that you might need a new sponge in the machine. Join the Yahoo Group. Plastic bed knitting machines. You will get plenty of help and advice. You will get the machine to work keep at it! Avril

I just received my old/new Kx390 a bit discoloured but all there so the first thing I did was to check the sponge all the needles flew forward when I tipped it tell me the sponge was older than I am so I replaced it now to replace it you have to take all the needles out all 500 of them well thats what it seemed like but I cleaned every one it seemed like 900 when putting them back but I’d got about 30 in and decided to see if it worked and wow it was lovely it knitted beautifully well worth all that work it spurred me on to finish the job and I’m just about to try the DK wool on it, wish me luck.

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